Reflective Essay: My Personal Qualities In Helping

The qualities I possess that will aid me in becoming effective in helping others are openness, acceptance, compassion, willingness, kindness, respect, positivity, optimism, objectivity, an ability to not take things personal, a commitment to be of service, and an overall healthy belief in human beings and our capability to reach for our potential.
Character traits I can offer the helping profession are, an openness and transparency I have developed because of my life experiences. This openness helps me to collaborate and cooperate well with others in decision making processes. Acceptance assists me in my attempts to accept others as they are, and of our differences, especially with regards to conflicting belief systems. Remaining compassionate
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Bringing awareness to the emotions and memories which are triggered within myself, while discussing specific subjects such as, the death of a parent or an intimate friend. Not imposing personal values and beliefs onto the clients I will be counseling. Constructing boundaries to maintain a safe environment between myself and the clients. Safe boundaries will facilitate a healthy relationship among the helper and helped. Generating awareness of the subjects that activate personal concerns not entirely resolved. Exercising assertiveness and getting my needs met, while effectively helping others meet their basic needs. Learning how and when to contribute constructive feedback. Overcoming a fear of confrontation will be essential while working with challenging clients. Handling burnout issues and becoming skilled at letting go of other people’s problems. Dealing with stress and anxiety much more effectively. Becoming a successful advocate for minorities and individuals with disabilities. Steering clear of assumptions of the clients and generating awareness of the subtle assumptions I happen to produce. Last but not least, effectively yielding helpful ethical decisions, especially amidst moral dilemmas.
Organizations addressing the needs of the population I would like to work with are, the Addictions Recovery Center,

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