Gaetano Bresci

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  • King Humbert Murder Case

    August 29, 1900, just one month after the assassination of King Humbert, the trial of Bresci opened. “An immense crowd of people gathered about the court from early morning, seeking admission. The hearing began at nine o’clock.” One would assume that a great amount of citizen’s support would be in attendance for such a significant and reasonable trial to observe. “While the indictment, which was very long, was being read, Bresci was apparently unmoved and scanned the faces of the audience without any fear or effrontery.” Bresci knew what he had done, and he willingly went into trial aware of it. He did not seem nervous or fearful in any way. By all means, he did not even attempt to escape after the shots were fired at the King, he was mindful of what he got himself into. “The indictment showed that the assassin indulged in incessant target practice and that he prepared the bullets so as to render them more dangerous… The prisoner admitted the target practice and the preparation of the bullets.” Bresci stated,…

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