Grandfather: A Narrative Fiction

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Trevor returned with my chai tea and handed it to me smiling. We had been dating 4 years, since we were 20. We had so many great memories, but I still thought it was odd that I was going to meet his family for the first time this weekend for his 25th birthday. He had never talked much about them, I would ask and he would tell me as little as possible then change the subject. He seemed to hate, not the hate like I want them to die or anything just like he resented them for making him do something he never wanted to do. He always told me “you don’t need to worry about meeting them Ivy they mean nothing to me so they shouldn 't mean anything to you.” All I really knew about them was they were from a very small town called Redwater Mississippi, …show more content…
“ I think it looks even safe to go in? “Well it has been in the family for like 100 years so it 's going to look old.” he said in a joking tone but an underlying tone of hesitation. “ I 'm still excited to meet your parents, even though the house is not at all what I expected.” Trevor was quiet for a minute “Well what did you expect?” he asked quietly. “ I don 't know a big house what was kept up well and looked more… alive” When we got into the house it was big and grand, The walls were the better side of the same stone outside and there was a double staircase with a red runner rug down the middle. In the middle of the stairs there was a door that led to the dining room and to the left the sitting room. When I saw Trevor’s parents I could see the resemblance right away, he looked just like his father. His father had light green eyes that looked worn with age and filled with worry. “Dad, Mom this is Ivy.” They looked over to me like I didn 't belong like I was below them or something. “ Hi it’s so nice to meet you guys I have been waiting forever to meet you.” I put my hand out waiting for them to shake my hand, and they just stared at it. I looked from both of them and then put my hand in my pocket. “I wasn 't aware that you were going to bring anyone Trevor, you know how important this birthday is for you, for us.” For us what was that supposed to mean, it was Trevor 's birthday. How was this anymore important than any of his other birthdays? “Yeah mom I decided to bring Ivy because she was so excited to meet you guys, and I wanted her to be here with me for my birthday.” Trevor said in a slightly nervous voice. “ Well y 'all you better get to your room Trevor I 'll send for you when dinner 's

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