A Doll's House By Henrik Ibsen: Summary

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A Doll’s House is a play written by Henrik Ibsen. This play revolves around Nora Helmer who is hiding a dangerous secret from her husband, Torvald Helmer. Krogstad, a man that is aware of Nora’s big secret, threatens to sell Nora out if she does not save him from being fired by Torvald. Different events unfold throughout the play. We see that Torvald treats Nora as a child -almost as if she were his doll, but it is obvious that Nora is much more than who her husband thinks she is.
Act 1
The first act takes place in the Helmer’s home. Torvald and Nora get into a discussion about money. He calls her a “spendthrift” and also repeatedly calls Nora “squirrel” which was odd. Afterward, the Helmer’s begin to talk about gifts because it is Christmas
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Now, in this scene, Nora is still worried about her children. She is in the room with her nurse and she asks her, “how could you have the heart to put your own child out among strangers?” The nurse explains that she had no choice. Nora then says, “And if my little ones had no other mother, I am sure you would--What nonsense I am talking!” which is strange because it seems like Nora wants to do more than avoid her children, maybe she wants to leave them? She clearly trusts the nurse and wouldn’t mind leaving her kids with her. The nurse leaves and Mrs. Linde shows up. Nora shows Christine the costume she is going to wear to a party that she is going to with Torvald and, of course, Torvald picked out the costume and wants her to dance the “tarantella.” Mrs. Linde and Nora begin to talk about Dr. Rank and Mrs. Linde asks Nora if he is the one she borrowed the money from, Nora says no. Mrs. Linde warns Nora about Dr. Rank, she says that he may be interested in Nora. They talk some more, then Nora sends Mrs. Linde somewhere else and Torvald enters. Nora tries to convince Torvald to not fire Krogstad even if his job was given to Christine, she says that Torvald should fire someone else and he should keep both Krogstad and Mrs. Linde. Torvald says that he can’t because he has already told people at …show more content…
Linde is still at the Helmer’s house and Krogstad meets up with her there. Krogstad is confused about what Nora wants, since she broke up with him back in the day. Christine explains that she had no choice, but now she thinks her and Krogstad should be together again. Krogstad is going to ditch his plans about blackmailing Torvald, then Mrs. Linde tells him that she knows about everything. He then questions if she is trying to get with him to save Nora, but she says no. She tells Krogstad to leave the letter so that the truth can finally be revealed. Krogstad leaves and he is very happy about being with Mrs. Linde. Now, Torvald and Nora return from the party. Nora asks Mrs. Linde what happened with Krogstad, she says, “You have nothing to be afraid of as far as Krogstad is concerned; but you must tell him,” which meant that Nora still needed to tell Torvald everything about her secret. Mrs. Linde leaves. Torvald and Nora talk for a bit, then Dr. Rank comes in. They talk about the party and how they had such a good time. He also mentions that he is in fact dying, then he leaves. Torvald goes off and reads his mail, then he reads the letter from Krogstad. He begins to freak out and yell at Nora. He tells her that she has ruined his life. As they are arguing and as Torvald tries to figure out a way to save himself, Nora gets a letter from Krogstad, but Torvald reads it. In the letter, Krogstad returned the evidence that he had of Nora’s forgery and tells her that he

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