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  • Importance Of Rural Tourism

    Rural Development and Rural Tourism This study aims to remove obstacles carried out by the state for regional rural development and sustainability. That means the heritage, culture, characteristics, and qualities of rural settlements will be preserved while these areas will be developed. The study will emphasize the importance of agriculture and how to integrate it with the wide lands and open spaces that characterize rural areas. When mass tourism began along the seaside areas, people believe…

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  • Folkewall Case Study

    Folkewall as Grey Water Treatment for Sustainable Architecture Carla T. Faner (11257806) Architectural Design 4, Bachelor of Science in Architecture, De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde Abstract This research study aims to explore the intersection between agriculture and urbanization in order to provide a green and sustainable source of agriculture, water purification, and insulation to architecture. It scrutinizes the technical characteristics of the folkewall to better understand the…

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  • Importance Of Indigenous Knowledge

    When we talk about agriculture, indigenous knowledge has been practice before coming up of modern technology/science. Indigenous knowledge is a product of the adaptation of farming practices to the local Environment, creating unique indigenous farming practices and food culture. So Indigenous knowledge is the local knowledge that is unique to a culture or society. Other names for it include: ‘local knowledge’, ‘folk knowledge’, ‘people’s knowledge’, ‘traditional wisdom’ or ‘traditional science’.…

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  • Assignment II: Impression Analysis

    Journal #3 After taking the inventory my Mom received a high context score of 29 and a low context score of 38 with a difference of nine. I received a high context score of 32 and a low context score of 39 with a difference of seven. We are very similar in our low context scores and pretty similar in our high context scores. After discussing our results and what they mean, we decided that we definitely are more direct when talking and we aren't as likely to pick up on things like emotional tone…

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  • Agriculture Personal Statement

    I chose to major in agricultural and consumer economics with a concentration in agribusiness markets and management because of my family’s connection to agriculture. My father is a farmer and owns his own agriculture based business. My father’s business has inspired me to work in the agriculture industry and I would like to pursue a degree directly relate to that field. One goal I have for my future is to work in my father’s company and eventually, I would like to become CEO. My experiences…

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  • Janie And The American Dream

    American Dreams Offered to Janie The American Dream can be defined as many different things. The definition of the American Dream depends on who you ask; it differs from person to person. For example, if you ask a farmer what their American Dream is they may say it is caring for their crops and livestock and living a stable life. However, if you ask a corporate executive what their American Dream is they may say it is rising to the top of the corporate ladder and making a lot of money. The point…

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  • Commentary On The Shepherd's Life By Rebanks

    Another main theme of the book is the connection to the past and ancient cultural ideals shepherding has kept regardless of the modernization surrounding the Lake District. Throughout the book, Rebanks references how in many ways, the lifestyle has held tight to the core values of farming. While there was a shift to machinery and quad bikes in order to make life a little easier on the farmers, the overall work and beliefs have remained the same for generations. One quotes states, “the past and…

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  • The Arctic Biome

    Biomes are subsections of the biosphere, which are categorised based on areas with similar ecosystems. Typically, ecosystems are defined via similar vegetation, since this allows the development of subsequent food webs. A prime example of this is the Arctic biome, which is made up of low lying vegetation. Although not categorised by climate, it is intrinsically linked with the distribution of the world’s major biomes, as it is the underlying cause of what types of vegetation are able to inhabit…

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  • Collaborative Multimodal Treatment Study

    Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), is diagnosed when children display persistent age-inappropriate symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Since ADHD is one of the most common (3% to 5%) childhood mental disorder, a lot of controversies debated whether behavioral therapy (BT) or medication alone (MM) would be more efficient as the treatment for ADHD (Arnold et al., 1997, p.865). In 1992, the Collaborative Multimodal Treatment Study of Children with ADHD (the MTA),…

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  • Peregrine Fraud Case Study

    1) At Peregrine, the risk factors, especially those aligned with control environment factors and the “tone at the top” are discussed. The risks included having a paper based confirmation system for the entire business; no segregation of duties, which meant that only one or very few people were working on the financial statements, and in this case Mr. Wasendorf was the only one and had altered all bank documents using only Photoshop, excel, scanners, and printers. Continuing on, time off was not…

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