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  • Scottish Treats Audit Case

    qualified accounts, only need to be qualified from Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors although internal audit is not mandatory for listed companies while external audit is. Depending on the situation of the company, internal audit might be more forensic, recognizing problems and opportunities with your policies and procedures, while an external audit might fixate on validating the numbers and the company pursuing standard accounting procedure. (Lewin,…

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  • Essay On Information Security Audit

    conflicting guidelines from different jurisdictions. Harried security officers routinely spend so much of their time responding to current risks--such as employee theft, sabotage, social media risks of revealing too much information and other internal and external threats that they 're not able to develop proactive strategies…

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  • Independence In Auditing

    Independence is a critical element CPA’s must consider while completing auditing services for clients. The importance stems from the basic purpose of auditing. To provide an expression of opinion on the fairness of the presentation of the financial statement requires the auditor to be independent both in fact and in appearance. In terms of independence in fact, an auditor should not own stock in the company which he or she is auditing. If the auditor recognizes that the company did not have a…

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  • Professional Scepticism When Conducting An Audit

    Professional scepticism is an attitude or mindset that is used by auditors when conducting an audit. It is used in order to help the auditor assume a position that is objective and unbiased throughout the audit. It is viewed by many within the auditing profession as an essential quality that the auditor must possess when conducting audit and can be a major factor in audit quality. But it is not the only factor when it comes to obtaining high audit quality, with audit quality itself be hard to…

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  • The Role Of Internal Control In Non-Profit Organizations

    Today, many non-profit organizations mistakenly assumed that their employees and volunteers wouldn’t steal from them. Several organizations have been misguided in setting up controls with regards to safeguarding funds. Many non-profit organizations become breeding ground of fraudulent activities because of this lax control (Yetman, 2008) Implementing and monitoring good internal control management will help to guarantee that nonprofit organization reach their objectives, for example by providing…

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  • STARS Case Study

    Out-of-state offenses are automatically applied to customer records in STARS based on the AAMVA Code Dictionary (ACD) code entered. However, no control exists to ensure that the correct offense and point value are recorded when processing with ACD codes. A review of ACD descriptions and point values compared to Indiana offenses resulted in the following errors: • 8 of 386 (2%) of the partnered ACD offense descriptions did not match the description of the Indiana offense they were tied to • 14…

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  • Common Law: Attorney-Client Privilege

    Evidentiary privileges shall be governed by the principles of the common law in the light of reason and experience. It is aimed to encourage full and frank communication between attorneys and their clients to promote public interest in the observance of law and administration of justice. Attorney-Client Privilege It is the Client’s right privilege to refuse to disclose or prevent others from disclosing confidential communications between the client and the attorney. Here, Carolyn (C) hires…

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  • Caroma Case Study

    from the auditing firm who are responsible for ensuring that the work carried out meets the quality standards of both the firm and the client. They are responsible for appointing the quality assurance personnel who review the work performed by the external auditors to ensure that it meets all standards (MW&A 2016). In regards to internal controls, they are responsible for validating transactions processed through the internal control system. The corporate directors are those individuals charged…

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  • Gr8 Week 4 Paper

    .1 It is imperative that all the stakeholders in GR8 Prospects understand the difference between Internal Auditing and External Auditing in terms of the primary objectives: • External Audit:  The external auditors are not the employees of the organisation. They report directly to the Shareholders of the organisation. They main duty is to tests the underlying transactions that form the basis of financial statements. They form an opinion as to whether or not these statements reflect a true view.…

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  • Apple's Code Of Conduct Case Study

    All over the world, factories and people are creating Apple products. Apple is a company that takes their workers, suppliers and products seriously, alongside making sure that all aspects as far as the environment are taken care of as safely as possible. Apple also wants to make sure that their workers are educated and have a chance to grow which is why they created curriculums and training programs to educate workers. It is a huge job but every year Apple comes up with changes to keep up with…

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