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  • Linear Momentum In The Film, The Martian

    Rotation is the action of moving an object around a center and this concept is fully shown in the movie “The Martian”. The rotation however depends on the concept of angular momentum, which is the rotational analog of linear momentum. This quantity is and will be the same for any rotating object and will not change unless it is ever impacted with an external force. In this case per say the Earth or Mars, rotating about its axis the physical quantity will always be conserved. Thus poses the…

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  • Importance Of Camera Calibration

    They are denoted by R and T respectively. Generally for all the cameras, the internal parameters are self-calibrated, so the camera calibration mainly concentrates on finding rotation and translation parameters. Camera calibration can be done by many methods namely conventional method, neural network method (feed-forward neural network, recurrent neural network, hybrid Hopfield network etc.), and self-adaptive genetic algorithm…

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  • Financia Longer Audit Rotation

    Audit firm rotation is suggested to be a way of improving audit quality, hence limiting the number of years to five an auditor can audit the same firm. However the proposed solution introduces both benefits and costs to the audit market. The benefit of audit rotation is there will be fresh look in the company’s…

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  • Rotator Muff Research Paper

    The human shoulder is made up of three bones: the clavicle (collarbone), the scapula (shoulder blade), and the humerus (upper arm bone) as well as associated muscles, ligaments and tendons. The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and their tendons that act to stabilize the shoulder. The four muscles of the rotator cuff are over half of the seven scapulohumeral muscles. The four muscles are the supraspinatus muscle, the infraspinatus muscle, teres minor muscle, and the subscapularis muscle. The…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Internal And External Training

    we’d never heard of a decade ago”. Not only individuals are concerned with development, but also companies and organizations are seeking to either hire new talents or to develop the talents of their own employees. We all hearing about internal or external training and talent development. More and more organizations these days, especially big companies, require their employees to take several courses developed…

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  • Glenohumeral Joint Lab Report

    attachment extending from the superior glenohumeral ligament along the anterior margin of the glenoid fossa down as far as the junction of the middle and inferior thirds of the glenoid rim. In addition, the middle glenohumeral ligament limits lateral rotation up to 90 degrees of abduction. Also, the middle glenohumeral ligament is an important anterior stabilizer of the shoulder joint. The inferior glenohumeral ligament attaches to the anterior, inferior and posterior margins of the glenoid…

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  • Acetabular Labrum

    the surface area of the acetabulum by 28% thereby distributing loads and decreasing stresses. Although the acetabulum labrum is subjected to high stress, this piece of cartilage can still be injured and torn. Hip extensions with abduction or external rotation of the hip are two mechanisms of acetabular labral injury. These two motions both cause large strain on the anterior labrum, making it a common place to find labral lesions. An acetabular labral tear is not only created through certain…

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  • Labral Fraying Case Summary

    DOI: 7/5/2016. Patient is a 41-year -old female head cashier who sustained injury while she was in the elevator, holding a cash counter and when rotated to tuck it underneath her arm, she heard a pop in her right shoulder. Per OMNI, she was initially diagnosed with right shoulder strain. Per the PT note dated 08/12/16, the IW has attended 12 sessions MRI of the right upper extremity obtained in 09/07/16 showed moderate rotator cuff tendinosis with marked acromioclavicular joint…

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  • Modeling Occupational Biomechanics

    Single –segment dynamic biomechanical models describe pivot motion around the center of a joint and the inertial forces associated with this motion. The greater the velocity squared of the rotation about the center of rotation, the greater the centrifugal force is that is pulling away from the center. Multiple segment biodynamic models of load lifting are interesting because they utilize top-down measuring to determine the forces in action during a lift…

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  • Sprain Vs Broken Bone

    it remained in the center and aligned with the long axis of the image cassette. The patient was asked to keep his toes pointed up while maintaining the rotation without hurting himself. The central ray was placed perpendicular toward the midpoint of the malleolus for both projections; one rotated internally and the other with an external rotation. In the radiographs you could see the tibia, fibula, talus, medial and lateral malleolus, and calcaneus. The tibiofibular joint and tibiotalar…

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