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  • CPR/Aed Education Program Analysis

    Lawrence, the president of Downing Digital Healthcare Partners said, “Customers just aren’t aware of the prevalence of sudden cardiac arrest.” Each year in the United States over 424,000 victims are being affected all ages, in Hawaii, Native Hawaiians are 1.7 times (over 70%) more likely to die from heart disease than other race. To prevent this from happening to all citizens, CFL (Certification for Life) wants to increase funding for more access to an AED. Our goal as the CFL is to train…

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  • Surgery As My Passion Essay

    repair them; I remember him saying it’s either a straight forward case or a complicated one. Ours was the second type of transplant. It was mesmerizing and breathtaking to see how the kidney became viable and pinkish after he connected it to the external iliac artery and vein. I enjoyed observing the surgeon while checking for any bleeding at the suture lines to make sure everything went smooth. I remember the next day when we were rounding and visiting the gentleman in his room, he was super…

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  • Baseball Swing Movement Analysis

    The launching position consists of the following movements: The abduction of the shoulders and the arms, the backward rotation of the spine, the extension of the writs, and the flexion of the hips (Van Such, 2016). For a right handed batter, the left shoulder joint will be adducted toward the body. The right shoulder joint will be flexed with the elbow up in the air and…

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  • Ballet Dance Critique

    for this reason that Coplan conducted the study, hoping to determine whether some of the injuries could in fact be attributed to “the degree of association between the degree of dancer turnout and injury” (579). Coplan defines turnout as an “external rotation of the ballet dancer’s legs and feet” (580). At present, the most advantageous and appealing turnout measures at 180˚. According to a study by…

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  • Popliteus Muscle

    The popliteus muscle and its proximal attachments: Morphological variations, functions, and clinical implications Overview: The popliteus muscle (PM) is one of the deep posterior compartment musculature of the leg and the posterolateral structure of the knee, locates in the superior aspect of the leg and consists part of the popliteal fossa’s floor my book and Ullrich (2002). It is small, flat and triangular in shape, attaches distally on the posteriomedial aspect of the tibia superior to the…

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  • Summary: The Most Common Football Foot Injury

    Football is one of the best sports in the world that garners a wide fan-base. Football stars are always in the go and cheered upon by their fans. However, their sports is not as easy and smooth sailing as one can think of since they also experience some major set-backs in the form of injuries. One of the most common football foot injuries is the high ankle sprain such as what happened to Barcelona forward, Neymar, during their team's win at the Copa del Rey in January 2014. During the ankle…

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  • Hollister Company: Job Analysis

    comments, task significant and autonomy. It making the workers feels more variation for their work so they don’t feel disinterested, which is called Job rotation. It increases task variation by shifting jobs between the workers involve. It is almost similar to job enlargement. Staffs are switching different jobs but with identical skills. Job rotation purpose is to reduce the boredom in work. For Hollister Company, the position of Hollister models includes wearing the brand clothes to showcase…

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  • Shoulder Injury In Sports

    A goniometer was used to test abduction, adduction, internal and external rotation. The first area examined was their shoulder abduction and adduction. The participants put both hands by their sides, then slowly raised both arms laterally at the same time and held them at their sides. They continued that motion until their…

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  • Function Of The Knee Analysis

    Flexion and extension is seen in the sagittal plane, whereas internal and external rotation occurs in the transverse plane and adduction/abduction can be analysed from a frontal plane view. A ligamentous tissue capsule surrounds the joint, supporting the structure of the synovial membrane. The fluid produced from the synovial membrane lubricates the knee. The synovial fluid and the infrapatellar bursa – designed to cushion external forces acting on the joint…

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  • Case Analysis: Terminal High-Altitude Air Defense

    which is currently anticipated to be in early December 2017. During that time, both of 7th ID’s SBCT’s and DIVARTY will undergo NTC rotations and associated ITS preparation, as well as Pacific Response Force (PRF) responsibility, Pacific Pathways (PP) rotations and other partnership events. 16th CAB, 17th FAB, 201st EMIB and 555th EN support numerous CTC rotations as echelon above brigade (EAB) enablers, engage in exercises with international…

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