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  • Gym Comparison Essay

    Comparison/contrast Many people like to go to the gym and exercise and most of us target a specific area of muscles when we go to maximize the effectiveness of our workout. I am writing specifically about cardio and using machines to exercise. Normally when you go to the gym and you want to use a machine to get a cardio workout there are three options. The first is the Treadmill, and the second is the Elliptical, and the third is the Stationary Bicycle. Ill describe how to get a cardio workout…

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  • Functional Training Interventions

    The specific equipment being utilized and new to Therapy is Virtual Reality. VR Training Virtual Reality training has been an amazing invention use for many reasons such as, entertainment, watching videos in first person and has now found its way in to the Therapy world…

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  • Being A Physical Therapist Essay

    a school, sports and fitness facilities, or hospitals. A PT can care for anyone that needs to be recovered from an injury that has disfunctioned their movement. The ultimate responsibility of a PT is using a number of exercises, stretching maneuvers, hands-on therapy, and equipment to ease patients’ pain or injury. They help them increase their mobility, prevent further pain or injury, and facilitate a health and active…

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  • Case Study: LA Fitness

    Objectives of Paper The purpose of this paper is twofold. First, we will propose a balance scorecard with objectives and measurements for LA Fitness to adopt in their clubs. Second, we will determine whether adopting a balanced scorecard is the right decision for LA fitness, based on their business model, competition, and objectives. Analysis, Findings & Discussion The overall mission of LA Fitness is “to help as many people as possible achieve the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.” The…

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  • Firefighter Essay

    an occupational athlete. The job requires a high level of on the job stress as well as chaotic and unpredictable conditions that they work in. The firefighter works under conditions that require them to wear heavy gear called personal protective equipment that weighs 22kg that does not breathe and adds heat stress to the work they are performing. The physical performance requirements of the jobs include high level of aerobic fitness, high levels of anaerobic power, and muscular strength and…

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  • Air Force Fitness Program

    POSITION PAPER ON AIR FORCE’S CURRENT PHYSICAL FITNESS PROGRAM 1. The Air Force’s current physical fitness program will produce adequately physically fit Airmen. The current physical fitness program fosters the challenges of a mile and a half run, pushups, sit-ups and a waist measurement. According to gender and age, the scores generated in each category in the graded events are added up to meet a passing Air Force standard. It is a commander’s intent that every Airman be held responsible for…

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  • Analytical Essay: Women In The Infantry

    become a problem, and they could cause costly distractions." Debra B (May, 2013) From a General with years upon years of experience. Anytime you get two of the opposite sexes you will have the distraction. In the Infantry you have to conduct certain exercises over and over until they become muscle memory. Distractions will prevent from achieving those desired results. This could cause more casualties in the long run. With relationships you also have break ups and other issues. In a unit the last…

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  • Sexism Struggles In Sports

    These exceptions included sex education and contact sports, which were optional, not mandatory” (Pritchard 135-36). Before that, males were given better equipment and facilities. Teachers were worried that combining males and females in these classes would cause the males to hold back and females to not want to participate. Even now, many females in middle school PE find physical activity to be embarrassing…

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  • Fitness And Wellness

    Police Department have decided to make some changes to the testing protocols, scoring, and exercises that comprise our fitness assessment. They have chosen to start using Cooper Law Enforcement Fitness Norms instead of age and gender norms of the civilian population because of liability concerns (Patterson, 2016). These standards have been assigned point values consistent with the percentile scores in each exercise (ex. 5 points is equal to the 50th percentile, 6 points are equal to the 60th…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Tell Me Something About Me

    by understanding my body I can be able to specifically target certain parts of it in terms of exercise and toning, such as my abdominal muscles (which is the only muscle name I know). By accomplishing my first goal I can use the information I know about my body to follow through with my second and third goal. I am not healthy. There is nothing more to it. By healthy I do not mean that I do not exercise, I do. I mean that my diet is horrible. I am…

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