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  • Analysis Of Why Ironing Is Better Than Working Out By Helen Reilly

    According to the article titled "Why Ironing Shirts is Better Than Working Out" written by "Helen Reilly", the author argues that the real reason for working out in the gym has a risk on body, but doing house chores is more effective for being healthy. There are few reasons that I agree with balancing the exercising can raise the detriment of health. However, I disagree with one of author's point, it could have been more obvious and entrancing to the readers. Helen's last point is that…

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  • Volleyball Training

    What is more important, how hard you train or how well designed your specific exercise routine fits to your sport? It’s simple, it’s the specificity of your exercise routine. If you train like the majority, then you will play and execute like the majority. If you exercise with a routine specifically designed with complex and thorough exercises using the latest equipment, then your training will improve and positive results will show on and off the playing field. The game of volleyball requires…

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  • Swimming Pool Workout Analysis

    than doing similar cardio- or strength-based exercise on dry-land. Getting Started Most people think that working out in the pool consists of jumping in and swimming a few lengths, but getting a decent workout in the pool requires a bit more effort. Training in…

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  • Essay On Calisthenics

    depending on what a person’s goal might be; one of those being calisthenics. The following will describe what calisthenics is, the varying types of work outs, what equipment are commonly used, and the benefits and disadvantages that come with calisthenics. According to Merriam-Webster calisthenics is defined as “systematic rhythmic bodily exercises performed usually without apparatus” (Merriam-Webster, 2015). In layman’s terms, it is using the environment as well as a person’s own body weight as…

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  • Essay On Dynamic Stretching

    How to Prepare Your Muscles for Athletic Performance Dynamic Stretching Dynamic stretching consists of functional based exercises which use sport specific movements to prepare the body for movement. Dynamic flexibility has been used successfully by trainers and coaches to increase flexibility and possibly lower the incidence of injury. The main benefit of using dynamic stretching just before a sporting event or fitness routine is that, because dynamic stretches use motions…

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  • Movement Analysis For Basketball

    flexion and extension. Some of the major movements that contribute to these joint actions and its related exercises are listed below. In performing…

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  • Fitness And Body Performance Analysis

    According to the website “ Fitness Goals-What Is Your Workout and Exercise Goal?”, people want to workout and some want to increase strength-build muscle, some want to improve performance-be healthier , some want to losing weight-fat, to get toned, etc. Also it says that they are two types of groups to make a person fitness…

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  • Why Is Exercise Important In Australia Essay

    outside and get active! The benefits of exercise are so significant that the Department of Health recommends all Australians aged 18-64 to get 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise each day. Those aged 65 and over are recommended to work up to 30 minutes each day at the level of their ability (provided they have their doctor’s clearance). We know the benefits of cardiovascular exercise, namely improved fitness, stamina and energy, but how about strength exercises? Strength training is…

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  • Crossfit Murfreesboro Persuasive Essay

    longer had an excuse. He told me to meet him there a few days later, and to rest up between then and meeting up at the gym. Two years into working out at CrossFit Murfreesboro and I have not looked back. Many believe CrossFit exercise is a fad, it is a dangerous way to exercise, and some even liken it to a cult. If you know anything about CrossFit then you likely know just about as many people against it as for it. It is one of those "love it…

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  • Weight Training Experience

    1. Describe your experience (3 points) My experience in the weight training has been great. When I started this class I was lost. I did not know how to work out and use the equipment. Over time, I have learned how to exercise properly and now I can work out all by myself. The best part is that all the workouts I learned in class I can now do in the comfort of my home. I am very glad I took this class because I feel so much healthier and potent. I feel happier about myself and more confident…

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