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  • Compare Alibaba And Amazon

    payment and gather data about product online. Communications are easy because of the emails and many other social communicators. In my data analysis about alibaba and amazon, I would like to talk about Alibaba and Amazon, they both are the largest e-commerce firms in the world and these two companies are growing outside their core market. Alibaba and amazon both the companies are leading ecommerce and internet based growing company in the world. They both sell products and connect new business…

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  • The Importance Of E-Commerce

    The Internet has grown in popularity and so has electronic commerce (e-commerce). In e-commerce, a consumer exchanges money for products or services via the Internet or, more simply stated, e-commerce occurs when a customer purchases something off of the Internet. After a consumer browses a website and makes a purchase decision, there is a process which accepts their order; the software that manages this process is known as a shopping cart (sometimes referred to as a shopping basket or shopping…

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  • Efficiency Of Amazon Essay

    widely discussed subject in international business (IB) during the past years. Besides, Electronic commerce(E-commerce) has made a great distribution to countries’annual incomes in the Europe. ( Eurostat 2013). A number of world famous leader companies, for example, Amazon, Ebay concentrate their attention on the E-commerce. At the same time, more and more brands have their own online website. It shows that E-commerce industry also has become a popular and primary consume way in this century.…

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  • Ebay Research Paper

    Ebay Ebay is an online action service used to buy and sell items. The company uses an electronic platform to facilitate millions of transactions every day. Users seeking to purchase items make bids over a specific time period and the seller determines guidelines such as a minimum bid he or she is willing to accept. Payment is typically made electronically through PayPal and then the merchandise is shipped to the buyer. Pieere Morad Omidyar is a French-born Irankian-American Entrepreneur and…

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  • Michael Porter's Value Chain Model In The Electronic Industry

    Carlos Merchan Richard Klein CGS 3300 12 April 2016 The Electronic Industry E-Commerce is a type of business model that enables a firm or company to conduct business over the internet. It entitles activities, such as buying and selling, products and services, providing customer service, offering vendor support, and publishing and disseminating information over the internet (Bidgoli 163). E-commerce transactions happen in all four of the major market segments: business to consumer, business to…

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  • Aliibaba Case Study

    Alibaba.com is an e-commerce service that focuses on B2B e-commerce to connect various types of small and medium enterprises. Thus, their efforts could be developed to be able to glance up outside China. The Company established the Alibaba Group Jack Ma has become one of the world giant companies who gain success. Hilt is the time of the initial public offering to the public (IPO) on Saturday (09/20/2014) local time, the official Alibaba shares traded on the New York Stock Exchange USA (NYSE).…

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  • Importance Of Online Shopping Behaviour In Egypt

    world as we know it today. One of those great inventions is the internet which now has a great impact on our life affecting our beliefs and tendencies, but more importantly affecting greater aspects like the economy of a whole country. As a form of e-commerce, online shopping proved to have a great impact on economy and it keeps on growing each day with the growth of technology. This research is conducted to study the online shopping Behaviour in egypt ,how it’s affected by different aspects…

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  • What Is Amazon's E-Commerce Strategy

    Amazon.com is an e-commerce company, based in Seattle, Washington (USA). Although the company began selling books, now actually markets a wide range of products, including music, video, clothing, toys, jewelry, electronics and more. Besides operating in the United States, it has websites in other markets Canada, France, Germany, Japan and the UK. It has about 26 million customers and is part of the Fortune 500 (Bezos et al: 2000). Its nature as part of the book distribution industry changed…

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  • The Importance Of Technology Acceptance Model

    mobile commerce as an alternative business model. Mobile phone today is considered as a lifestyle device and not just a tool to connect (Thakur & Srivastava, 2012). Its functionality has gone far beyond the function of merely connecting people to a host of other functions such as internet surfing, entertainment, online shopping and the like. All these reasons accounts for its increased popularity. The term m-commerce was defined for the first time as "the delivery of electronic commerce…

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  • Ebay: Most Used Online Shopping Website

    I. Abstract EBay is the most used online shopping website because there is a wide range of items sold that is not available in a lot of others online shopping store. II. Introduction E-business is a way of making people lives easier to buy things which are not available in their country online and it is also a way for people to earn money. E-business is not an easy task which is why a lot of people fail at it as there are various problems they encounter. One example is how…

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