Compare Alibaba And Amazon

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Today Information Technology is an important part of our life and millions of people are using WWW (World Wide Web) to find, view, buy, online payment and gather data about product online. Communications are easy because of the emails and many other social communicators.
In my data analysis about alibaba and amazon, I would like to talk about Alibaba and Amazon, they both are the largest e-commerce firms in the world and these two companies are growing outside their core market.
Alibaba and amazon both the companies are leading ecommerce and internet based growing company in the world. They both sell products and connect new business to consumers but what makes them different from each other? Alibaba was founded in 1999 and Amazon was founded in 1994, but what made Alibaba to succeed and come to this point
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Everybody know that amazon is immensely huge online based retailer. Amazon has a big hand in market capitalization and in total sales but Amazon wasn 't amazon when it got launched first, "Cadabra" was the real name of the online website begun by Jeff Bezos and following this after a year in 1995 they launched
Jeff Bezos, He loved reading books. This is where he got an idea to launch an online book-store and later started selling DVD, Blue-rays, MP3, Electronics, Audio-books and videos. And later on the company was growing with selling of Software, Video Games, Electronics, Apparels, Jewelry, Furniture and many more things. Amazon also provides world 's biggest Cloud Infrastructure services (IaaS).
Amazon runs different online retail sites in fourteen different countries, the United States has different websites, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, France, Italy, Neath land, Australia, India, Brazil, Japan, China and Mexico. also international shipping available in other countries for limited

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