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  • Amazon Porter's Five Forces Analysis

    investors to set up e-business by only a few clicks nowadays. However, setting up an e-business platform which is as big as Amazon.com is difficult. In order to be comparable to Amazon.com, investors have to cooperate with numerous suppliers, such as electronic devices, personal-care products and Music providers. To achieve it, a large amount of capital is required. Huge initial investment is needed to successfully…

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  • Amazons Business Model

    Amazon.com is an American electronic commerce company which is the world’s largest online retailer. The company which began as an online book store has since diversified its products to include selling DVD’s, CDs’, software, video games, furniture, food, toys, jewellery and electronics. Looking at the company’s business model, it proves that the company is not a traditional retailer. Retail is only a part of the company and although Amazons products are sold at a standard mark-up, the company…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Alibaba

    valuing its offering at $68 per offer this year. The IPO is required to raise $21.8 billion, which values the organization at $167.6 billion surpassing Visa and Facebook (Chen, Solomon & Mac, 2014). In my opinion, Alibaba became so successful in e-commerce is because of its numerous advantages and it have great potential to boost up business for all small and medium enterprise which attracted many suppliers to invest in them. To enhance my study on Alibaba, I went through Alibaba.com to…

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  • The Importance Of Governance, Risk And Compliance

    1 (McInerney,L.skynews.com) Issues this event caused for PricewaterhouseCoopers The Email Abuse article (www.spyequipmentguide.com) explains that “Email is an excellent communication tool and has revolutionized the way in which we communicate with each other. However, it can also waste a lot of precious time, especially in the workplace environment”. Most big companies including PWC have policies and procedures in place that outlines internet and email usage. As a rule, in the working…

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  • Effects Of Online Shopping

    Does online shopping cause us to spend more money? : Isn 't it phenomenal how convenient online shopping is? Shoppers can browse through items without deserting the comfort of their own house. The world is being augmented constantly. As the world expands, people are given a broader amount of resources to obtain. A plethora of items are exchanged every minute of the day. For instance, what is scarce in Japan is what is reliable in Canada. Countries are exchanging and selling their resources all…

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  • Advantages Of Online Commercial Centers

    2. Commercial centers: - Commercial centers, for example, eBay and Amazon are destinations are an ease arrangement offering showcasing instruments that give your items more visibility. The incredible advantage of utilizing commercial centers to rundown and offer your items on is that you get moment introduction to universal purchasing activity. It is anything but difficult to list your items including pictures and your conveyance subtle elements, and you are headed to offering your item online…

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  • Eco Friendly Venture Ecourier Case Study

    Eco-friendly venture eCourier Country’s first-ever online logistic support service provider Syed Rabius Shams Youth entrepreneurship is a buzz issue nowadays in Bangladesh. Many students and recent graduates are fervent to found a startup rather than to go job market. This is a fabulous scene of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the country. Aspirants are working to develop Apps, running e-com sites, fintech, edutech, media startup and so forth. Consequently, smooth logistical operations have…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of E-Commerce

    E-commerce is the process of selling, and buying services and products using the internet. Furthermore, it is the process companies utilize to conduct online transactions. However, first, the company must have an effective e-commerce strategy to satisfy the needs of its business and customers. With this aim in mind, companies create an e-commerce platform that has a substantial effect on the profitability of the company. Particularly so, for a company that also has a large global presence. Thus,…

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  • Amazon Company Reliability

    Key problems and solutions of building a highly available, scalable and reliable distributed system by the name Dynamo are addressed by the Author in the article. Reliability will be achieved by using the replication. Sloppy quorum and anti-entropy with Merkle trees will be used for management impermanent, permanent failures. Incremental scalability will be achieved by use of constant hashing to divide the keys. The article addresses the problem that is based on building a production level…

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  • Individualism Vs Collectivism

    1.INTRODUCTION The internet has become the most important media in which business advertises their companies and products. Globalization has further improved the importance of websites as a critical communication media for multinational companies. However, customers from different cultures have various perceptions and preferences towards website design. Consequently, it is of great importance for companies to customize their websites to cater to consumers from different cultural backgrounds. By…

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