Swot Analysis Of Alibaba

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Table of Contents
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Executive Summary 3-4
Implementation Plan 4-5
Mission Statement 6
Strategic goals 6-7
Situation Analysis 7
SWOT Analysis 7-10
Competitors Analysis 10-11
Market product focus 12
Marketing program 13-16
Evaluation and control 16-17
Appendices 18
Reference 19-20

Executive Summary:
Alibaba Group (Alibaba) was set up with the conviction that Internet would enable small enterprises to leverage innovation and technology to grow and compete more effectively in domestic and global markets (Alibaba Group, n.d.- d). The organization was established in 1999 by 18 individuals drove by Jack Ma, a previous English educator from Hangzhou, China (Alibaba Group, n.d.- d). Alibaba's main goal is " to make it easy
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history yet has additionally risen more than the three biggest IPOs by American Internet organizations consolidated. Alibaba broke records as the greatest IPO, valuing its offering at $68 per offer this year. The IPO is required to raise $21.8 billion, which values the organization at $167.6 billion surpassing Visa and Facebook (Chen, Solomon & Mac, 2014). In my opinion, Alibaba became so successful in e-commerce is because of its numerous advantages and it have great potential to boost up business for all small and medium enterprise which attracted many suppliers to invest in them. To enhance my study on Alibaba, I went through Alibaba.com to understand more on how Alibaba system works and what makes it so successful. To my surprise, I love many features that Alibaba.com has to offer that inspired me to promote my future company and products effectively. In fact, the real time communication and offline message was reply promptly by the supplier immediately after I posted my questions to them. This is one of the reasons why many suppliers are investing into Alibaba because of it efficiency and effectiveness. Above all, I also suggest that Alibaba should take this into consideration in their promotional strategy. In fact, more advertising, publication, brand awareness, and public relations will help Alibaba pump up their popularity and awareness all around the world. In addition, founder, Jack Ma speaks great English whilst many other Chinese entrepreneurs could not communicate well in English. This is one of his underrated advantages. Jack Ma is also good in unifying everyone’s believe through common goal. He is also a good leader that encourages his employee to achieve higher without limitation. He works together with them and guide them through the entire success of Alibaba. I believe in two principles: Attitude is more important than capabilities. Similarly, decision is also more important than

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