SWOT Analysis Of Highmark Inc

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Register to read the introduction… Ken wants to be the | |
|region’s leading healthcare organization. | |
|Highmark has an excellent reputation as providing quality and | |
|affordable healthcare. | |
|Highmark has an opportunity to capitalize on | |
|the individual strengths of its employees and is | |
|one of the nation’s largest insurance companies. One of the major |
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A business model, cost, and user level analysis would be utilized in determining what the HRIS should do. According to Rampton et al on pg. 59, “It is easy to see how the cost of an HRMS may be justified by its use in identifying and implementing salary and benefits cost control measures”. Understanding the user-level analysis is crucial to those who utilize the HRIS.


Cost benefit analysis includes: A bottom-up analysis was performed to determine the project estimate thus offering greater assurance of actual project funding needs. According to Phillips on pg. 115 “Bottom-up cost estimating is the process of creating a detailed estimate for each work component(labor and materials) and accounting for each varying cost burden”.
Ability to deliver new and improved automated features at a more efficient and faster rate, enhance existing components, and reduce workforce management risk by appealing to a larger talent pool and improve the financial bottom line for Highmark. Figure 4.1Phillips provides a cost benefits analysis of three phases of project implementation which would be recommended for Highmark. Phase I: Development $33,600. Phase II: Testing $45,000.00. Phase: III Training

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