Softbank Case Study

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Recent Development of Softbank International Business

Recently, In 2004 Softbank acquired the Japan Telecom, Japan’s third-largest fixed-line operator. (SoftBank Group, 2004) After this times of acquired, Softbank formally entering the traditional telecom business. Also, Softbank owns several different companies such as Japan Cable Co., Ltd., BB-Serve, a cable company, and GungHo Online Entertainment, a gaming company. In addition, Softbank has partnerships with Japanese subsidiaries of several foreign companies such as Yahoo, E-Trade and Morningstar. (Wordpress, 2016) In 2016, Softbank surprised the technology world with a plan to acquire British chip designer ARM holding for $31.4 billion back in July, which is the biggest ever purchase
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(Henry & William, 2006) In 2000, Softbank invested $ 20 million in Alibaba, and now it has a market capitalization of up to 65 billion U.S. dollars.(Sender, 2000)
In 2006, Softbank acquired 15 million U.S. dollars of Vodafone's Japan business and made Softbank the third-largest mobile operator in Japan. (Spasford, 2006) Now, Softbank are trying to open the global market and global opportunities through foreign direct investment. After entering a new century, Softbank Group accelerated its investment in online industry in order to realize its global development strategy. One of Softbank global strategy is European. European network industry has been the focus of investment by Softbank Group. ATVISO is a network "incubator" jointly
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To narrow the gap between Internet developments around the world and, in particular, to promote the rapid development of the digital economy in developing countries, the Software Bank Group, in cooperation with the International Finance Corporation, will establish an Internet company in more than 100 countries. Partners will invest 200 million U.S. dollars in Softbank Emerging Markets (SBEM) funds. International Financial Organizations and will join Softbank's investment fund in Latin America and China's online industry, bringing the total partner investment to the global Internet to 500 million U.S. dollars. (IFC, 2000) Softbank recently decided to set up a new company called Softbank Emerging Markets Inc. whose mission it is to quickly turn an idea into a good company by providing seed money and technical, legal, and managerial support, whereby To develop the development of the Internet industry. Softbank Emerging Markets companies will fuel the growth of developing countries' networks and related industries. Softbank’s companies which is in emerging countries or markets would use already successful business models to help entrepreneurs in developing countries to build locally-adapted companies. It will also provide venture capital and necessary support to entrepreneurs in developing countries to help them transform business ideas into successful online companies.

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