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  • How Can Graphic Artists Become A Freelancer

    Chris Hardwick once said “Freelancers are 'free ' because they take risks - they don 't like being told what to do. That 's both exciting and daunting, because you have to police you”. In other words the life of a graphic artist is more about having freedom to be as creative as you need without being limited.This is the reason most graphic artists become freelancers. As a freelancer you have exclusive creative rights to any project you choose to work on, also it has been determined that as a freelancer you make double the amount you would working for an established company. For me as I study Graphic design its extremely important to know the challenges independent artists face such as the denying of proper insurance coverage…

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  • The Freelance Industry

    Freelancing in the media is becoming a popular way for people to enter the creative industry. Freelancers would work on short projects and move on to the next as soon as the job is done. The issue here, however, is the turnover rate of this industry is really high. With the growing competition in the industry, freelancers constantly face issues of insecurity and uncertainty of employment. In this essay I will be discussing the implications of the rise of popularity in the freelance industry and…

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  • Bob Gibson's First Teachers Analysis

    Deborah Brandt says sponsors “are any agents, local or distant, concrete or abstract, who enable, support, teach, model, as well as recruit, regulate, suppress, or withhold literacy—and gain advantage by it in some way” (166). Bob Gibson didn’t become a full-time teacher until he was in his mid-40s, and his experiences on that career path highlight both the benefits and the hindrances a sponsor can provide. Those experiences also demonstrate how integral a mixture of positive and negative…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Being A Freelance Writer

    Trying to figure out if you want to become a freelance writer and take online writing jobs? Here are the cold hard truths about being a freelance writer with the pros and cons of being in the writing business. However, in a sexy twist, there is also advice to help you negate the downsides of being a freelance writer. Pro - You get to work from home There is some illusion that seemingly exists in the public. If a person writes fiction, then people expect that person to write in coffee shops…

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  • Attraction And Using It For Your Own Benefit By Kelli Cooper

    Show Notes – Episode 37 Understanding the Laws of Attraction and Using it for Your Own Benefit – Kelli Cooper “Getting uncomfortable at times and putting yourself in a position that you were just not in before, helps you to push through all hurdles of life and paves your path to success”. Main Content Kelli is a digital nomad, like many other guests who have been on my show. She is making a passive income from online blogging, coaching, and writing. She has written a bunch of books that are…

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  • Summary: Amazon Mechanical Turk

    Part-time online businesses Online business have more flexible hours, although you will still have to deal with people on occasion, or at least in a more limited fashion. Sell stuff on Facebook/ Craigslist/ ebay/ Amazon If you have stuff lying around that you don 't use you always sell it for a few extra bucks. But if you really want to make a go of this you can flip items you find at Goodwill or yard sales to turn it into an actual business. You can even take it step further and sell items…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Do People Make Money Online Art?

    you have a computer and good internet connection. FREELANCER freelancer-logo Ask any internet savvy individual about an online site where you can work and make money; Freelancer is the first name anyone mentions. This site hosts millions of buyers and sellers with basically every product and service exchanged virtually. It is a great site for you to venture into as there are so many Art and Design jobs for you. Logo Design and Illustration take up the larger bulk of jobs here. Actually, I have…

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  • The Used Tool Analysis

    The Conflict At work, there are many problems that need to be addressed but for the purpose of this assignment I will mention only one. I am a freelancer, I have a small business that offers the service of web development and graphic design; right now my sales are going down because of the lack of commitment, I have a few clients still but many of them are opting out for other providers. I often think that many reasons are involved here and most of the time think that is because I tend to…

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  • Substitution Between Monitoring And Termutation

    Research methodology 4.1. Date source Our data is collected from (Freelancer), which is one of the largest online labor market platforms. This year, it was awarded as 2015 Best Employment Website and 2015 Best Professional Services Website. In Freelancer, the employer can pose his/her project description, project budget and skills required. By showing the total project budget, the employer indicates that this project adopts a fixed-price contract. If the unit of the project…

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  • Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Social Media

    The Push: Project Coordinator – Social Media and Online Content Jessica Morris and the fulfillment of Key Selection Criteria 1. Suitable experience in developing and coordinating social media campaigns. As a freelancer, I have headed numerous social media campaigns. In my role as the Media Coordinator for the non-profit Hope Movement, I have established our social media and online presence from the embryonic stages, and have used numerous campaigns and regular content to develop a rich online…

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