Attraction And Using It For Your Own Benefit By Kelli Cooper

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Show Notes – Episode 37
Understanding the Laws of Attraction and Using it for Your Own Benefit – Kelli Cooper
“Getting uncomfortable at times and putting yourself in a position that you were just not in before, helps you to push through all hurdles of life and paves your path to success”.
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Kelli is a digital nomad, like many other guests who have been on my show. She is making a passive income from online blogging, coaching, and writing. She has written a bunch of books that are available on Amazon. Today, she is travelling around the world, living the dream. However, this was not the case for her a few years ago. She did not just wake up one morning thinking “I’ve had it with the 9-5 job”, I’m putting a blog together and travelling the world and I’m going to live off the income from the blog”.
The reality is that she was in a lot of debt, had hit rock bottom, her father was being diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer and unfortunately she lost him. She was living off credit card debts and at one stage living overseas (Japan, Indonesia, and Thailand), another country, with pretty much $0 income in a desperate situation, she was unable to afford the basics, a simple $5 massage (by the way Kelli loves massages) had been just too impossible at this point.
Over the
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One amongst these books that inspired her the most was “The Law of Attraction”, by Joe Vitale, a well known author, life coach, popular for his principles. The ideas mentioned in the books of the late 1800’s, and the early 1900’s about the idea of “creating a reality” got her started. A whole new world, a whole new way of thinking, even thought it was so new, a part of her was deep inside that was resonating with it, like intuitively there was something to this, she knew this to be too true, except she just really don’t know it yet basically because she was operating on a different plane of

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