Pros And Cons Of Being A Freelance Writer

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Trying to figure out if you want to become a freelance writer and take online writing jobs? Here are the cold hard truths about being a freelance writer with the pros and cons of being in the writing business. However, in a sexy twist, there is also advice to help you negate the downsides of being a freelance writer.

Pro - You get to work from home

There is some illusion that seemingly exists in the public. If a person writes fiction, then people expect that person to write in coffee shops and on the grass in the park. If the person writes academic papers or expert pieces, then people expect that person to work from an office.

On of the greatest things about online writing jobs is that you can work from home and you can tell people you
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Most people will have no idea where you are working and what you are wearing (if anything) whilst writing.

Con - The pay is very low

Online writing jobs do not pay well, but they do pay more than fiction writing. Most fiction writers spend years of their life writing stories that are never read. The pay may be low, and it may be inconsistent, but at least it exists.

Online writing does pay a little better if you are writing academic essays for students, but the sad fact is that it is difficult to bluff your way through. You can research and write about most subjects, but if you make an educated guess and get it wrong, then you are going to suffer dreaded occurrence of “Amendments.”

Amendments are the most hated things that writers come across. Having people demand you rewrite or change something is enough to drive most writers to insanity. It is like finishing a jigsaw and somebody pulling out pieces and telling you they do not go there when you are sure they do.

Living with the fact the pay is very
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To some this may not be a negative point, and to others it may be a deal breaker.

The point is that as writer, of any description, you are self-employed. Most studies show that self-employed people “Have” to work a lot of hours. It is almost guaranteed that you will have to work more hours as a self-employed writer than you will if you have a regular job.

The number of hours you work will also depend on how quickly you work. Veteran writers can work very quickly and still produce high quality content. This is because veteran writers have experience, and experience tends to make you more efficient (in most cases). If you are a slow reader, writer or researcher, there is a chance you will have to work more than fifty hours per week. On the plus side, the longer you work as a writer, the higher the chances are that your writing, reading and researching skills will speed

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