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  • Components Of E-Commerce

    E-commerce or Electronic commerce as the phrase states is where everything or anything within the business world which is sold electronically. It means sharing of business information, maintaining professional relationships and by telecommunications networks business transactions are conducted. It is the collective integration of communications, database management, and security proficiency to allow business applications within different organizations and IT companies to naturally exchange…

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  • E-Commerce Case Study

    Turban (2012) points out that some customers and business owner are still in opposition to the online business as they have few trust in electronic payment, security and might be afraid of learning new things. Lacking the assistance of government and global trade barriers could be considered as external obstacles for online business. The product based companies such as Dell or Apple are required to investigate the demand of customer from different countries, trade barriers, taxation, and law of…

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  • Pixmania Case Study

    Pixmania Pixmania is a French-based e-commerce website, launched in the year 2000. It deals in a range of products which includes consumer electronics and baby products, with an annual turnover of more than €300million in the year 2013. It has got its own website and until 2013 it had a ran brick-and-mortar retail stores in Europe. It operates in 14 European countries. Pixmania was largely owned (77%) by the British Dixons Retail plc (formerly DSG International plc) from 2006, selling it on to…

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  • Alibaba Case Of B2ba

    Alibaba is a Chinese most famous e-commerce company that provides consumer- to -consumer(C2C), business-to-consumer(B2C) and business-to-business(B2B) sales services via web portals. It also provides electronic payment services (EPS), data-centric cloud computing services and shopping search engine and. The group founded in 1999 when Jack Ma started the website Alibaba.com, a business-to-business(B2B) portal to link Chinese manufacturers with local and overseas buyers. Alibaba.com has…

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  • Paypal Case Study

    methods of online payment. Despite its occasionally troubled history, including fraud, lawsuits and zealous government regulators, PayPal now boasts over 100 million active accounts in 190 markets worldwide. (Paypal.com) PayPal is a universal e-commerce business online payment service which permits organizations and individuals to make and receive payments between accounts without the need to exchange bank account or credit card details through the Internet. PayPal can be utilized for making…

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  • Case Study Of Flipkart

    and that was the time when the idea of flipkart came into their mind. It was a risky attempt as India is a place where people are having different tastes and preferences which made it difficult to open an e-commerce industry. Still attempt was made which has made a drastic change in e-commerce industry. At beginning flipkart sold books on the site, after this flipkart started selling a various number of good by the site. It was the first site to introduce the concept of 'Cash on Delivery' which…

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  • Amazon Operations Management Essay

    In 1995, Amazon started out as simply an online store to purchase books. Today, Amazon.com Inc. has turned into the leading e-commerce site selling a wide variety of products. Amazon has been successful in effectively using many components of the operations’ management criteria, making it the industry leader in both retail and the e-commerce market. The seller and distributor partnership is an advantage to all parties involved. Online retail services are its main organizational output. Value…

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  • Amazon Swot Analysis Paper

    Introduction E-commerce has become today an integral part of people 's lives, as they have become an important tributary of generating a lot of profit for the companies. These companies have a lot of pros to help them control of the e-commerce market. Also, these companies have a lot of obstacles that may prevent them today or in the future to achieve greater profits and get more customers. Amazon companies offering e-commerce since 1995, making this the oldest company in this area. In the…

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  • Internet Retailing Case Study

    changed from traditional shopping in brick and mortar stores to virtual browsing on the worldwide web. Companies have had to rethink their marketing strategies and those that did not adapt have suffered the consequences of the digitalization of commerce (e-commerce)…

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  • Hoffman Model Essay

    about the Hoffman model for buyer behavior, let us consider one of the world's greatest e-trade and distributed computing organization, Amazon. It is a US based organization that began in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. Amazon at first began offering CD's, electronic gadgets and so forth yet soon the organization broadened and grow their business. Amazon have diverse retail sites for distinctive countries.Amazon.in gives a stage for online business to communicate with client…

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