Technology Impact On Nike

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Nike is the number one company that designs and develops athletic footwear, sport accessories and electronic and physical services. The Company sells its products via its owned stores and other retail internet websites which the company refers to as its Direct to Consumer.
The technological impact on Nike’s products has made a huge change on Nike in terms of selling and promoting its products. On one hand, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are major players. For instance, Nike Facebook page that has more than 23 million likes which promotes long video advertisements as well as communicating with its fans and customers by comments under every statement, video or picture.

Another example, Nike posts announcements,
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He highlighted that the roll out of drives “great energy” across the business and gives consumers access to “the best of Nike”.
“We have focused our investment in digital and mobile over the last several years and they are paying off. Driving the connection of to our broader digital strategy continues to be, without a doubt, one of our greatest opportunities as a company,” he said.
Nike is making a major push to give more store associates mobile devices to complete transactions and help shoppers find out-of-stock items on Store associates also can log shoppers into their Nike Plus loyalty accounts to help them earn rewards, and all online orders placed in store ship to the consumer’s doorstep or his local store for free. Members of Nike Plus who complete an online transaction in stores also get free returns, which helps reduce barriers to closing a sale.
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Promoting its product by a new idea, new inspiration and new passion. One of the famous campaign is called The Chance, which gives youngsters around the world the chance to win a place in The Nike Academy for a year. The image of this campaign was delivered by an inspiring video. This video has been watched by 2,7 Million people. As well as, it was party posted on Instagram, which by that it was spread between more people. The winners were given a full year attendance in the Academy, getting to play against the reserve teams of Premier League and other clubs.
Another campaign is called Times Square billboard, an interactive billboard in Times Square in America that allowed people to text their own custom design for a chance to win a pair of Nike IDs. To take part users had to dial the number displayed on the billboard then use their phone’s keypad to customize the on-screen shoe. They were then sent a text message with a link to download a wallpaper of your design or even buy it. The campaign ran back in 2009 when smartphone penetration was far lower than today. Nevertheless, it works very well as it was

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