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  • Errlkönig Analysis

    Joey Peixoto Music Appreciation Listening Assignment Romantic: "Erlkönig" begins with the piano playing fast triplets to make a feeling of direness and reproduce the steed's running. The left hand of the piano part presents a low-enlist leitmotif made out of progressive triplets. The right hand plays triplets all through the piece until the last three bars. The steady triplets drive the incessant tweaks of the piece as it switches between the characters. This theme is specifically connected…

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  • Symbolism In Two Kinds By Amy Tan

    Two Kinds: Whose American Dream? America, commonly known as the home of the free and the land of opportunity, but do any of those things prove to be true if you do not see them from that positive perspective? In the short story Two Kinds, written by Amy Tan, a young girl is faced with the barrier of being a daughter to an immigrant women from China. The obstacles that we read about can be perceived in different ways, however, we only see them from the specific point of view of the daughter.…

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  • Analyzing The Song 'Because Of You'

    The song “Because of You” a very popular song which was originally written by Arthur Hammerstein and Dudley Wilkinson in 1940. It was used in the movie “I Was an American Spy” but it was also recreated by Les Baxter and Kenny Rankin, two different artists recorded the same song in different style by putting their unique spin to it. There is a much greater difference in the two songs than the voices of the singers, each has its own style, rhythm and beat. Moreover, the two songs do not give…

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  • Single People In An Orchestra Essay

    When a person listens to the performance of an orchestra, they are not just hearing the richness of the cello, the frantic trills of the flute, or the low rumbles of the tuba, they are listening to a culture. Each player has the same beginning, a new sheet of music. Ultimately, it is up to the individual how they perceive and produce a score. They can copy how another player articulates a certain measure or how they slur a string of notes because there is no one way of playing. When each…

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  • Renaissance Music Research Paper

    Music has been a part of our lives ever since recorded history has taken place. It evolves with society to help build our culture. Just imagine not having any music or art in the Renaissance era. How would our society have looked today without the important influences? My research question for this project was How does music helps expand our interaction in society by being taught in our school system? The first thing I looked at in doing my research was Johns Hopkins School of Education website…

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  • Why Is Chopin Important

    In the opinion of one of the world’s most significant pianists of all time, Frédéric Chopin always had thought that the piano playing is a form of art, and teaching students how to play piano should not merely about how students can be capable of performing a musical piece with faster tempo and strong dynamic. A good piano teacher should explain to student the art of the music for them to able to comprehend the pieces, and the students should be able to express themselves throughout the learning…

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  • Impressionism And Symphonic Music Analysis

    In this essay I will discuss the incredible works of the composers that have contributed to the music world and compare Program Symphony to Symphonic Poems and Impressionism to Expressionism music created by these composers. Program Music and Symphonic Poems are similar in that they play onto the imagination of the listeners of the mental pictures of the scenes or characters as they listen. Both genre are based on telling a story or poem. Although they have these similarities…

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  • Final Fantasy XIII: The Role Of Music In The Baroque Period

    Music is the essential, universal language. It expresses emotion, a story, and records a generation in history. In the classical and baroque era, music was written to tell a story and emphasize the emotion within that story. Music still tells stories today; movies, games, and regular songs tell stories with emphasized emotions. Games require music to set the mood and energy for specific scenarios. One such game series is the Final Fantasy series. This game series is classified as a role-playing…

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  • School Music Concert Performance

    During the final week of classes at Truman, I had the pleasure of hearing the school’s jazz bands in concert. During the concert, the Jazz Lab band and the Jazz Ensemble, both directed by Tim AuBuchon, played several jazz standards and modern favorites. The Jazz Lab band started out the night with five big band pieces. The instrumentation of the Jazz Lab band was standard for a big band; it included about four of each horn (saxophone, trumpet, and trombone), an upright bass, a piano, and a…

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  • Paul Jones Clean Music Analysis

    Emergent tenor saxophonist based in New York, Paul Jones, exhibits higher levels of matureness and a willingness for originality in his incredible new album, Clean, a considerable step ahead since the release of his full-length debut album, Short Stories, recorded in 2014 with his reliable sextet. The band members are maintained here with the exception of pianist Sullivan Fortner, who gave its place to Glenn Zaleski. The remaining artists, all young and powerfully talented, are Alex LoRe on alto…

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