Comparing Legislative judicial and executive branches Essay

  • Difference Between Legislative Branch And Executive Branch Of Government

    In comparing the powers of both the legislative branch of government to the executive branch of government, one must first understand why these branches of government was made, what each individual form of government does, how they are able to function separately and also, what their purpose is for the people of the nation. The first branch of government, the legislative branch, was first established in Article 1 of the Articles of Confederation. The first founding fathers of the nation intended for this particular branch of government to be the sole form of government to be able to make and create the laws for the country. (Lenz & Holman, 2004). The Legislative branch houses two different forms of government, the House of Representatives and the Senate. The House of Representative main goals in this branch is to revenue bills, have the rights to be able to impeach the federal office officials, and also, to be able to elect the new president to office if too many electoral votes are processed (The White House, n.d.). The Senate’s power in the legislative branch is to confirm or approve any important presidential appointments that the president may have. (The White House, n.d.). Also, in the Legislative Branch of government, the legislative has powers to declare war on another…

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  • The Importance Of Checks And Balances

    have shaped and polished the government with laws, systems, and branches. A system that has substantially shaped the government is Checks and Balances, it helps by allowing each branch of government to amend or veto acts of another branch so as to prevent…

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  • Differences Between California And The Federal Government

    account itself—California in this case. Looking at the three branches of the Federal government—the executive, judicial and legislative, one can see the differences starting…

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  • Importance Of The Constitution

    However they wanted to protect the people’s freedoms and prevent the government from abusing their power. They believed they could achieve this by having three different branches of government which each had its own job. The Constitution gives an outline of the powers and responsibilities of each branch. The Constitution has broken down into the executive, the legislative and judicial. The executive branch is led by the president which makes the laws official. The legislative branch is made up…

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  • Essay On The Legislative Branch And Executive Branch Of Government

    In comparison to the powers of both the legislative branch of government to the executive branch of government, one must first take a look and understand why these two main branches of government were made in the first place. What powers make up each individual form of government, why and how are they able to function separately and also, their purpose is for the people of the nation. For the first branch of government, the legislative branch, this branch was first established in Article 1 of…

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  • Montesquieu Vision Analysis

    government. Montesquieu’s Vision: Reflecting the United States’ constitution on Montesquieu vision, many similarities exist with very few difference. Montesquieu’s vison was based on England’s government in which he thought had the constitution for political liberty. The major difference between America and England is that England had a constitutional monarchy in which the monarch was limited by the legislative power (aka parliament). In regards to liberty, Montesquieu laid out a couple…

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  • Importance Of Check And Balance Essay

    Check and Balance means the influence and participation of each branch to other branches which prevents one branch is overpowered. The Legislative branch is a branch of Congress, which made up of the House of Representatives and Senate. Their main responsibility is to create laws. They have the power of impeachment towards the President and override vetoes with 2/3 the majority vote. Executive branch is where president work. Their job is to enforce the laws that Legislative branch creates. They…

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  • Nevada Constitution Comparison

    nation are run. While the Constitution of the United States outlines the way the federal government is run and act as the supreme law, each state has its own constitution to lay out the way its own government will run. It is important for the people to know the specific workings of their own state’s government in comparison to that of the nation as a whole, so comparing our home, Nevada’s, constitution to that of the United States is a way to more fully understand the way power is split up…

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  • Essay On Democracy And Athenian Democracy

    is often said Athenian democracy was the foundation to our present day democratic system, but where do they compare? How similar are the two democracies compared from different time periods, and how are they dissimilar? On several grounds can we compare and contrast these two democracies; the legislative process, Rule of Law or the judicial system, leadership or executive branches, citizenship, slavery, gender rights or equality, freedoms or liberty, and voting. These are the main components in…

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  • The Importance Of The Tenth Amendment

    The Tenth Amendment, which is part of the Bill of Rights and was ratified in December 1791, clearly declares that all powers that are not granted to the federal government are reserved for the state government and its constituents. However all state governments mimic that of their federal counterpart, and subsequently they all follow the same organized system using three, equal in power and authority branches consisting of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches; this system is known…

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