Essay On The Legislative Branch And Executive Branch Of Government

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In comparison to the powers of both the legislative branch of government to the executive branch of government, one must first take a look and understand why these two main branches of government were made in the first place. What powers make up each individual form of government, why and how are they able to function separately and also, their purpose is for the people of the nation.
For the first branch of government, the legislative branch, this branch was first established in Article 1 of the Articles of Confederation. The founding fathers of the nation thus intended for this particular branch of government to be the sole form of government to be able to make and create the laws for the country. (Lenz & Holman, 2004). The Legislative branch
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The main power that this particular branch is responsible for is that the president is the “Commander in Chief” of this branch and also is in charge of America’s Armed Forces. The president is also able to appoint and approve of any members that are elected to the U.S. Supreme Court system, and is also in charge of vetoing any bill that was approved of by Congress. (The White House, …show more content…
Because of the effectiveness of the system of separation of powers, for which separates all three branches of governments and the amount of powers each one has, the president is therefore not a member of Congress and Congress is not responsible for the election of the president of the United States, for that simply relies on the people’s vote. (Lenz & Holman, 2004).
In present time though, the one branch that still wields the most power in today’s society is still the Legislative branch of government. For example, the U.S. Constitution granted the legislative branch power that none of the other two branches, the executive or the judiciary, could have. The executive branch that houses the president and the judicial branch that houses the Supreme Court still have the same amount of power when it comes to running the nation, but it is the legislative branch that is the main branch that wields the power of both when it comes to lawmaking authority. (This Nation,

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