Judicial Branch Research Paper

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Check and Balance means the influence and participation of each branch to other branches which prevents one branch is overpowered. The Legislative branch is a branch of Congress, which made up of the House of Representatives and Senate. Their main responsibility is to create laws. They have the power of impeachment towards the President and override vetoes with 2/3 the majority vote. Executive branch is where president work. Their job is to enforce the laws that Legislative branch creates. They can veto bills and appoint judges and pardon power in the judicial branch. Judicial branch is the branch of the Courts, and it made up by Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, and District Courts. Their roles are to interpret the laws, and they are also able to declare presidential acts and …show more content…
The investigation revealed the tape recording of Nixon in his office and other many conversations. Supreme Court forced president to release the tapes to government investigators. Nixon resigned on August 9, 1974. Watergate scandal is a proof about nobody is above the law even the president, and the Supreme Court has the power to check the power on executive branch. As the secret of Nixon was revealed to the public which frustrated many people, so people had ordered judicial branch to investigate the crime of Nixon, and that forced him to resign. By the freedom of press, government can’t hide their crime away from the citizens because people have the right to know all the laws and decisions of government. Beside Watergate scandal, president still able to pass the law if he thinks it is appropriate and necessary. In October, 2010 President Obama veto the H.R.3808, which helped to encourage business transactions over the state lines. In 1986, President Reagan vetoed the Clean Water Act and Apartheid Sanctions 1986, or Bush vetoed the withdrawal troops from Iraq in

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