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  • The Socio-Economic Characteristics Of The Artisanal Fishing Industry

    serious issue that needs to be reduced in the artisanal fisheries sector in other to increase fish production. These losses have an adverse impact on fishing communities whose status and income often depend on post-harvest activities (FAO, 1994; Emere & Dibal, 2013). Such losses also have a detrimental impact on the socio-economic life of the fishing villages and reduce the amount of animal protein available to large segment of the population. As a result of this, fish post-harvest techniques…

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  • The Transformation Of Reality In Life Of Pi By Yann Martel

    Life of Pi by Yann Martel is a fiction book about an Indian boy named Piscine Patel also known as Pi, who is stuck at sea without animals and no help. However, throughout his journey at sea, we see him struggle for food for himself and Richard Parker. We see him losing his hope for survival slowly, however, we also see his hope rise as he finds more sources for survival such as fish. Pi felt guilty for eating fish and the cook for his survival. This leads to understanding that Pi has created the…

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  • Reflection Of The Old Man And The Sea

    Written in 1952, The Old Man and the Sea is known as one of Hemingway’s most enduring works. It is the heartbreaking story of an old man’s grueling battle with a giant fish and his determination despite all odds being against him. It is a short story and the language used is very simple but effective. Although the pace is quite slow, I felt drawn to the old man with his amazing resolve and courage and I could not help but silently encourage him and spur him on in his struggle. The story begins…

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  • Narrative Of Deep Sea Fishing

    and catfish. Thirteen years later, I finally attempted my luck at deep sea fishing. Finally, my dream came true one overcast fall weekend. During the fall, saltwater fish tend to stay closer to the top of the water and in shallow waters because of the warmer water temperatures. If the water and fish comply with the weather, then fishing during the fall in Florida will not let an angler down. The night before I began my fishing adventure, my family and I were sitting around a red-hot campfire.…

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  • Santiago Character Analysis Essay

    In the novel The old man and the ocean, the primary character name is Santiago. Santiago is an old man in the story and a talented angler in his calling. This old man is thin and emaciated. There are profound wrinkles in the back of his neck. He has cocoa blotches on his cheeks. His hands have profound wrinkled scars from taking care of substantial fish. Every little thing about him is old aside from his eyes that are of the shade of the ocean and are merry and undefeated. . By identity,…

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  • Health Benefits Of Fishing Essay

    7 Health Benefits of Fishing That Will Get To You Hook, Line, and Sinker Meta Description: How would you like sit by the water all day and reap the same benefits of going to a wellness center? Check out the 7 health benefits of fishing today! Introduction: If you’re worried about your overall health but can’t bother to enter a wellness program, have you tried fishing? Waiting for the marine species to take the bait can extend from minutes to hours. Check. You will need to get your hands dirty…

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  • Isolation In The Old Man And The Sea

    As time passed by the ocean continued to seem vacant and the fishermen were unable to come across any fish. Fishing is what Santiago loves most in life. Catching fish for Santiago meant that he could be wealthy but it also made people look up to him. Santiago loves the thought of popularity and pride. If Santiago caught the most fish or the biggest fish, people…

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  • Character Analysis: The Five Kids

    Nestor The Five Kids Once upon a time there was 5 kids there names were Nestor, Christian, Javie, Josh, Martin so they were on a boat they were lazy to do anything except Nestor and Martin so we told Chris, josh, and javie come we are going to go swim and play football in the water so they came and they had an exciting day so we went to sleep on the boat and we woke up around 8:00 and Nestor and Martin were outside getting fish and they got really big fish so we ate…

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  • Giant Catfish Case Study

    Three scenarios of predicted spawner population Scenario 1: a complete stop in fishing result in a quick recovery in population. Scenario 2: Fishing continues is a traditional way, resulting in fluctuations in populations over the next 30 years but population can recover. Scenario 3: Reproduction fails because of natural factors or habitat degradation (construction…

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  • Descriptive Essay About Fishing

    Canada fishing has family rules saying that you have to be 10 or older to go.I always hearing the stories of how many fish that they caught. I just wait with anticipation to go with them and catch some fish. The stories, I dreamed when the day finally came I was ready to go bags were packed the boat was clean off we went. The boat ride out to the spectacular fishing hole.Then knowing that there would be fish out there hoping it would be like the stories I have heard. The ice cold water was…

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