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  • The Perfect Storm Book Report

    Sebastian Junger’s book, The Prefect Storm, is a tragic and intense journey of six crew members setting out to go sword fishing and bring back some for profit; however, they get caught and later died in a “perfect storm”, which means two storms colliding and turning into a small hurricane and later evolving into a powerful cyclone. Analyzing The Perfect Storm, Junger filled his book with his input and ideas of what happened to the sailors at the end of their lives, how he believes they acted and…

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  • Descriptive Essay: A Fight With A Stingray

    upper body. The stingray was now headed swiftly towards our boat, our fishing guide started to put his brown gloves on to grab the fish without being stung by its long tail. The fish was headed under our boat, to not let go, I had to rush to the other side of the boat, and grip hard onto the rod. At that point the stingray was clearly visible and swimming around the boat, like it was a shark waiting for its prey. The fishing guide announced to me, “Bring the stingray closer in so I can get it…

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  • Great Auk Research Paper

    Although there are many extinct animals, the Great Auk is an extraordinary animal. The Great Auk also had many variations in their egg’s, the streaks in their egg’s allowed the mating pair to recognize their egg at their breeding colony so they could determine the egg belonged to them. The Great Auk’s scientific name is also Pinguinus Impennis(“Great Auk”). The Great Auk’s habitat and geography. The Great Auk’s nesting colonies were settled upon rocky islands with sloping shorelines that…

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  • Atlantic Ocean Overfishing

    Atlantic Ocean will be completely depleted. Overfishing or in other words known as unsustainable fishing has become the main factor for this. The Atlantic Ocean is home to many marine species and while their numbers are diminishing, with limits on overfishing, increasing public awareness, and creating groups/programs for helping to restore the ocean, people can tackle this problem. Unsustainable fishing is a very tricky problem to solve because of many things. One of the biggest problems is…

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  • Chinook Salmon Research Paper

    Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) is an ecologically and economically valuable species that is found along the Pacific coastlines of Asia and North America. Unfortunately, many Chinook populations have been steadily declining during the last century, primarily due to a variety of human activities. These threats include hydroelectric dams, chemical pollution from planes (Dietrich, et al., 2012), and sound pollution from industry (Halvorsen et al., 2012). North American governments and…

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  • Shark-Personal Narrative

    you had made up my mind. As you waded into the warm azure water, you began to worry. “What if a shark comes” “are my family still in the boat?” you pushed these worries out of your mind and dove in. the water was warm, and that was a good thing, there was a cold wind standing on the beach. The boat was about a hundred feet out in somewhat deep water, maybe 20 feet. Around the boat there was an oil slick “I’ll have to dive under that” you though as you approached. Suddenly, a great shadow loomed…

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  • Grace Under Pressure In The Old Man And The Sea

    “Grace under pressure” was shown by Santiago in The Old Man and The Sea. An individual who possesses the quality does not crack under the pressure of a sticky situation, but their best qualities show. When faced with a hard situation, he or she may show great knowledge, leadership qualities, physical or mental endurance, or even calmness. For these reasons, Santiago has grace under pressure. This example of a “Code Hero” characteristic, which was found on page 52, is my personal favorite. The…

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  • Narrative Essay About Fishing Research Paper

    Me and my grandpa were on our way to go fishing. On our way there we noticed the big dark gray clouds that were above us. We didn’t pay any attention to the because the weather man didn’t call for any rain. Finally we got to the dock where we could put the boat in, once we put the boat in we sailed off into the gulf of mexico until we found a good spot to fish. We stopped the boat and I could smell the pungent smell of the salt water, I grabbed my fishing pole and put some bait on it and casted…

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  • Mr Stewart Case Summary

    SUBJECT: Serious customer service issue with our main account INTRODUCTORY SUMMARY Ms. Robinson, this memo is to inform you of a serious customer service incident, my analysis of the possible causes of the problem, some of my mitigating actions so far and my recommendations to avoid similar issues in the future. Yesterday I received a worrying complain letter from Mr. Henry Stewart. In addition, I discovered that Mr. Stewart has made public his grievances in our web blog. Therefore, we are…

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  • Priscilla Lee's Beneath The Surface

    Priscilla Lee's "Beneath the Surface" is a poem talk about the barracuda fish that is found in tropical oceans. This journal will take a look at this poem from an ecocriticism theory point of view. In "Beneath the Surface" nature plays a major role in the poem due to the fact it the landscape can be manipulated. The landscaped cannot be manipulated or change completely due to the fact the barracuda fish is the main character. The barracuda fish is a saltwater animal and needs a tropical…

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