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  • Personal Narrative-The Right Next To The Water

    It was a warm, muggy evening in November 2012. Dad had just returned home from a long day at work, and so he asked if anyone wanted to go with him on a quick paddle ride. As usual, I said yes. Living right next to the water makes it easy for us to just jump on the kayak and go, and we had a good chance of seeing lots of different organisms and critters out there. There were southern stingrays, nurse and bonnethead sharks, and barrel sponge, to name a few. But today, we were to find something…

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  • My First Tattoo Research Paper

    in Florida I was unable to get a tattoo without parental consent, however when I was seventeen my dad finally agreed and allowed me to get one. The tattoo I chose was drawn out by a close friend, he created a Jesus fish, because my grandpa loved fishing and inside were his initials followed by his date of birth and death. I decided to get the tattoo on my chest; this would become a common trend for me due to the army’s strict regulations on visible tattoos. Thirty painful minutes later and it…

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  • Distinctively Visual Analysis Essay

    Movie, TV show, magazine, Internet and so on, everything you see from different media and different elements in these media such as the words, the images, the colors, the sounds, the angle of camera, are designed to make you think, sense and experience in a particular atmosphere (Beaton,2012). That is to say, artificial visual elements in different culture background could represent different meanings. Visual culture is to find out the connotation and denotation of them. Using a picture from an…

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  • The Bass The River And Shelia Mant Summary

    I am reading, “The Bass, The River, and Shelia Mant” by, W.D Wetherell, and I am on page 3. So far this book is about a boy who has an enormous crush on a girl named Shelia. He takes her on a date, he learns Shelia hates fishing. The problem is, he brought his fishing rod, and accidentally caught a ginormous bass. He is trying to hide the fish from Shelia, but also wants to reel it in, because it may be the biggest bass he has ever hooked. In this journal I will be questioning and connecting.…

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  • Goldfish Lab Report

    While the goal of the goldfish lab was to teach the subject how to jump, this objective was unachieved, resulting in the inability to have our fish learn the trick. This outcome was most likely do to the minimal capacity in the brain of the goldfish, making it hard for the animal to remember how to perform the skill being taught. The fish only has a memory that lasts 3 seconds; however, the task took longer than 3 seconds to complete, resulting in the incapability of performing the jump. Also,…

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  • Sea Lamprey Research Paper

    The Sea Lamprey is a dangerous and destructive fish for the great lakes ecosystem. This species feeds on a great lake fish and needs to be put under control in order to save fish populations in the great lakes and it needs to be stopped. One of the biggest problems with Sea Lamprey is that “Sea lamprey acts as parasitic and invasive species in each new habitat. It attacks and decreases the population of native fish and disturbs the natural balance of the ecosystem”( An…

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  • Personal Narrative: Henry Island In The San Juan Islands

    As I peered down the bluff, I saw the magnificent black-and-white beasts breach the water of the Salish Sea. The L-pod resident orcas were gliding past Henry Island in the San Juan Islands of Washington State. This sight reminded me why I was in the San Juans in the first place: to appreciate nature and do my part to protect it. I finally got to experience these natural beauties that I had heard oh-so-much about from the locals. The sea breeze flowed onto my face, and I appreciated the wonder of…

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  • Hemingway Hero Quotes

    Hemingway heroes! Hemingway heroes! Calling all Hemingway heroes! Hemingway heroes must be able to love an adversary even if you must kill it, to endure physical pain, and pass knowledge on to others. Santiago is the best example of a Hemingway hero. The first Hemingway hero trait Santiago represented was he was able to love his adversary even though he had to kill it. Santiago adored and loved his fish even though he had to catch it and kill it. “Fish,” he said, “I love you and respect you…

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  • Steelhead Trout Research Paper

    The steelhead trout used to be a native species to the Arroyo Del Valle in Pleasanton, California. Some are anadromous fish (i.e. they spend most of their time in freshwater developing after they hatch and then spend part of their later life in the sea or ocean) but others will remain in a freshwater stream or creek their entire lives. Typically, anadromous populations swim up the creek in winter to lay their eggs and then swim back, leaving the eggs to develop on their own. In order to lay…

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  • Lake Atitlan Research Paper

    1955 Lake Atitlan surrounding area became a national park. At that time the world of Lake Atitlan is also almost nothing, Guatemala hope to find ways to promote tourism and to promote the local economy. Pan Am is recommended in the lake angler favorite fish farming can achieve this purpose. Thus, non-native species of black bass was introduced in 1958, the lake. Bass soon received their new home, and began to devour the lake locally creatures. Due to its characteristics of meat, perch wiped out…

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