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  • The Importance Of Persemination In The Cellar

    “I told Summer that I would never let anything happen to her, and I failed her. I was determined to get her back. To bring her back home to me” (Preston 106). Determination and perseverance is what The Cellar is all about. After Summer was abducted, the only thing Lewis wanted back was his best friend, his girlfriend. Throughout the book determination is shown. Summer’s determination to get out of her kidnappers home. Lewis’s need to get her back. Colin’s way of not giving up to keep the girls in his hold. Natasha Preston in her novel The Cellar shows determination in many characters. “Lily?” said a man coming out from behind a tree. No I’m not Lily, I’m Summer. I shouldn’t of said my name, but it just came out. I remarked. “Yes you are…

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  • On Death Without Exaggeration By Wislawa Szymborska Analysis

    Death can not even clean up the mess it makes after it gets down with its killing, (8-12). It leaves the job to the people left behind because Death does not hold the power to do it. An all powerful being would be able to make a casket and plan a funeral. Death “isn’t strong enough to swat a fly from the air,” (20-21). Death is able to kill a fly, but it does not have the ability to smack the fly out of its flight. This is something that is a basic human reflex when a fly is bothering us. The…

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  • Personal Narrative: Dark Images

    forced my body to sit up in bed, my head continued to hang down, pounding, so weighty. Moving as if in slow motion towards the door, my legs were weak and heavy. After, grasping the door handle only to quickly pull away, the handle was immensely hot. The atmosphere was unexpectedly eerie. My equilibrium appeared off, the unusual blanket of darkness impaired my sight. The smell of burnt wood, the heat in the door and the horrible taste of charcoal in my mouth was horrid. There were four children…

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  • Home Invader Short Story

    My dad checked out the door leading to the garage. He touched it and hissed in pain at the heat up against his bare hand. Then he opened it, to my horror the smoke barreled inside to our home. Nothing I could tell myself could waver my belief. The house was on fire and we needed to get out now. I sprinted up the stairs in a panic, telling my other brothers “the house is on fire we need to leave now!” Thoughts ran through my head rapidly. I could not decide what to do first. Just run out or grab…

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  • The Other Moore Analysis

    From a young age, like the author, high expectations have been placed upon me, and vigorous measures were taken by my parents to ensure that the best education was available to me. Because I was expected to be a high functioning student, the vision my parents had of me allowed them to shape me into what they had envisioned. But, like the author's situation, the doors for success were opened for me, yet I had to be the one to walk through those doors. There comes a point where age and…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Attending Church Doors

    started very early, too early for it to really set in. A young child is usually preoccupied with the toys clutched to their pudgy appendages, and I was no different. But, alas, my parents insisted on dragging me to church along with them from as young an age as memory allows. One fateful Sunday morning, in 2004, a stubborn 6 year old me, slowly tortured by the droning of the majestically draped priest, asked to use the bathroom. My mother, ensnared by the Holy Spirit, absent-mindedly mumbled…

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  • Cleora Perrik: A Short Story

    Cleora Perrik was not a violent person. Strange, and quiet, yes, but not violent. The day the whole student body was summoned to the main building for a meeting, she felt a nauseating pit in her stomach that maintained during the walk to the building. She silently shifted through the crowds of fellow students, slinking through like a shadow, and eventually she was at the front of the crowd and stepping through the doors. What was strange, however, was that the doors were kept opened by…

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  • Lip Injections-Personal Narrative

    the top part of the window. The sun had spotlighted the door as though it was destiny calling. I didn't know where I was or how I got there which drove my nerves crazy. My mouth was covered with what seemed to be 100 layers of duct tape which left my mouth tingling with the unpleasant taste. Both my hands were tied together with rope very securely behind an old wooden chair, my blood in both my hands felt as though it was trapped which caused me to feel the sensation of fireworks in them. My…

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  • Personal Narrative-Let's Move !

    past the cafeteria doors and head to the office doors. There are two men standing guard with large guns. Bird throws his boomerang at one of the men, who falls dead to the ground. The other searches the area around him and the last thing he views are our faces before I impale his heart with my drumstick. When I yank it out, there is a “pulp” and a “plop” as I drop his body. Blood quickly inundates him and his partner. I examine my weapon and notice that it is bright red and splintered. I guess…

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  • Timeless Themes In Ebenezer Scrooge's A Christmas Carol

    Trends, ideas, and perspectives come and go, but timeless themes are evident throughout time, forever youthful, yet old at the same time. Timeless themes are eternally relevant concepts in classic and contemporary literature that can be connected by everyone, regardless of their age, their lifestyle, or their time period. The theme on the importance of others occurs repeatedly over time in thousands of different kinds of literature. Especially now with the our world brimming with superficial…

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