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  • Nonpolar Parts Of A Phospholipid Essay

    d. –OH group 5. This type of membrane protein will extend throughout the entire membrane touching both the Intracellular fluid and the Extracellular fluid. e. Integral proteins f. Transmembrane proteins g. Integral proteins and Transmembrane proteins Ans: D 6. This portion of the cell membrane enables cell membranes to produce chemical products. . h. Enzymes 7. Which of the following is a function of a membrane protein that binds with hormones and…

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  • Metaphor And Learning Essay

    (Kövecses 91) the biological function of cell membranes through the underlying descriptive structural megametaphors CELL MEMBRANE IS A WALL and TRANSPORT PROTEINS ARE DOORS and the mappings between them, and by “hiding” (Kövecses 92) other aspects of this concept. Throughout this chapter, Peter Raven and George Johnson pair these main conceptual metaphors with visual portrayals of transport proteins that enable molecules to pass through the “wall” of the cell, in order to develop a stronger…

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  • Essay On Osmosis

    concentrations of water through a selectively permeable membrane. Osmosis is a way for water molecules to create equilibrium between a cell and its environment. For example, if the cell is a hypotonic solution and its environment is a hypertonic solution, then water will naturally diffuse to its environment to create equilibrium. The guiding question for this experiment was, “How does alcohol concentration affect the water content in cells?” It is related to osmosis because alcohol molecules are…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Favorite Gene

    drainage of bile in the liver. This progresses to biliary fibrosis and can be fatal if left untreated in the first two years after birth. Biliary atresia is the most typical source of end-stage liver disease. A previous study was carried out to identify a cell population expressing the PROMININ-1 gene. Within periportal fibrosis, the expansion of this population was studied and was located adjacent to ductular reactions. This study utilized a mouse model that was infected with the Rhesus…

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  • Plasma Membrane Structure Model

    1935, the first plasma membrane structure model was introduced by Danielli and Davson. They proposed that the membrane is made of phospholipid bilayer that consists of hydrophobic head and the hydrophilic tail. Hydrophilic head, which is polar, facing towards the water molecules and said to be coated with protein. Hydrophilic tail, which is non-polar is not facing water molecules and sandwiched between the two bilayers. At regular intervals of the surface of the plasma membrane, there are also…

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  • Cell Signaling And Cell Transduction Essay

    CELL SIGNALING AND CELL TRANSDUCTION INTRODUCTION: In this lecture, we will study about cell signaling and signal transduction. Each cell in a multicellular animal is bombarded with chemical signals that are made by other cells and this is how communication occurs at cells level by different signaling molecule. Signals that regulate cell metabolism, alter or maintain its differentiated state, determine whether it should divide, and dictate whether it will live or die. The word “signals” in…

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  • Egg Osmosis Egg Lab Report

    movement of solute, a substance, from a high concentration to an area of low concentration. All of this is possible through the organelle known as the plasma membrane. The function of this…

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  • Enzymatic Assay Lab Report

    The purpose of the cell fractionation protocol was to separate P. aeruginosa into four cellular components while maintaining the enzyme activity within each of the four fractions. The first step in fractionation is commonly centrifugation as it separates the components based on size, meaning that after the initial centrifugation, the pellet will contain whole cells, and the supernatant will contain the extracellular component (Alberts et al…

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  • High Calcium Pumps And Exchanger

    above 500nM causing cell death, (Berridge, 2016). This rapid increase is caused by a stimulant that activates the signalling pathway and alters cellular processes. However, high Ca2+ concentration can be regulated through many mechanisms…

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  • Analysis Of The ZIKA Virus

    the world. This project sheds light on the mystery novel that allows ZIKV invasion and infection the host cells. A penetration process of ZIKA virus occurs by binding with Gas6 protein or (Growth arrest-specific 6) that leads to activate the Axl protein and release a downstream cascade of signaling within the cells, moreover, Axl signaling plays a significant role in protecting the human cell from stranger guests through a marvelous process called fluid-phase uptake. The hypothesis is a ZIKA…

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