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  • The Parthenon

    their power. It took the Greeks almost 15 years from start to finish to build this temple. The temple outlasted the Greeks by nearly 2000 years and has filled the many roles required by the people who have occupied it. It’s architecture is unmatched by any other building in the world. The origin of the word Parthenon is from the Greek word παρθενών, which means the “unmarried woman’s apartments” in a house. This name and meaning started out to refer to only one particular room in the temple, which is debated to be either the western cella or the room in which the peplos was presented to Athena…

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  • Parthenon Research Paper

    It wasn’t known whether the building was entirely completed or the status when it was destroyed. It was then dedicated to Athena. In its original design as the temple of Athena Parthenos, the temple held a ratio of 9:4, which controlled the proportions, the spacing, and the height of the various features that make up the Parthenon. The picture is a drawing of the original layout (2). As you can see in the layout columns surrounded the temple in a traditional Doric manner (8x17). The larger…

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  • The Influence Of Ancient Greek Parthenon

    olive tree. The glory was prized to Athena, which was determined by the practicality of her gift. Athena 's birth is depicted on the eastern pediment in which she emerges as an adult fully armed from the head of Zeus. Although the pediments have suffered greatly through time, the quality of the carvings is apparent through the defined musculature of the men and the flowing garments of the females. The carvings were designed to sit high atop the pediments, but each of the pediments were carved…

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  • Roman Architecture Analysis

    The materials used for Etruscan temples was mud brick and wood while Greek temples used marble because marble was limited to the Etruscans indicating the Romans had the architectural improvement on their buildings.The decoration that Etruscans used for their temples was terracotta which help the cella and roof to prevent environmental disasters from harming their architecture. According to Penelope J.E Davies’s Janson’s History of Art, “The terracotta tile roof hung well over the walls in wide…

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  • Athens And The Pantheon Analysis

    The Parthenon in Athens and the Pantheon in Rome: Comparison Introduction History shows that the Parthenon was built on a raised platform, and consisted, basically, of a cella (enclosed room) surrounded by a peristyle of free-standing columns. The entire building, including the roof tiles, was constructed of white pentelic marble. Large areas, such as the columns, were left white, but most of the details, such as the sculptures, were brightly painted (Hopper 122). The temple had seventeen…

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  • Exclusionary Rule: A Case Study

    (D) Even if this Court finds that the initial search and seizure is illegal under the Fourth Amendment, Evidence of the Suicide Note is still Admissible through the Attenuation Doctrine, as an Exception to the Exclusionary Rule The “fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine” is an exclusionary rule designed to deter police misconduct that prohibits the introduction of evidence that is causally connected to an unlawful search. (People v. Navarro (App. 2 Dist. 2006) 41 Cal.Rptr.3d 164.) The defendant…

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  • Why Did The Greeks Build The Parthenon

    that it should be made for Athena (Cite 5). Power is also another important thing to the Greeks. The Greeks wanted to show how much power they had, and how important Athens was to them. In Ancient Greece, people would go into the Parthenon to worship the god Athena (Cite 7). Around 500 B.C., Athens was a wealthy state that was governed by the people which was the first democracy in the world. The Acropolis, which is part of the Parthenon, was given to the gods for worship. Then it was the…

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  • The Influence Of Social Media Profiles

    and spelling and grammar errors make recruiters reevaluate the applicant while illegal drug references make recruiters reconsider them 83% of the time. Recruiters gain a positive feeling 65% of the time with post that demonstrate volunteering or donating to charity (Jobvite 11). Many people do not think about the effects a certain post can have whether it affects someone else but most importantly can also affect the user when they do not even realize it. In 2015, a Twitter user who goes by…

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  • Roman Influence On Campania

    and with it a sharp growth in population at Nepi and its countryside, which lasted until the 1st millennium BC . In addition to the Roman settlements, a “new highway was built, via Amerina” . In 273 BC Cosa, was established as a Latin colony, and archaeological evidence tells us that in the second century BC, Cosa was thriving . Roman culture and influence was at its highest peak with the roman delevlopment. In 1948, an archaeological field study was conducted at Cosa in Etruria on all…

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  • Fatigue In COPD Essay

    correlation in COPD between fatigue and other disease-relate symptoms such as dyspnea, anxiety, depressed emotions and sleep quality (Kapella et al. 2006). Breslin et al. (1998) suggested that physical dimensions of fatigue correlated with an increase in the severity of pulmonary impairment and reduction in exercise tolerance. Associations between fatigue and disease severity have been reported in other chronic diseases, such as chronic heart failure [Falk et al., 2007] and COPD. Fatigue has…

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