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  • Lab Report: Osmosis And Diffusion Egg Lab

    used as a representation of an actual cell, the shell being the cell wall, and the yolk being the nucleus, which like an actual cell also expands when placed in a substance like water, and shrinks when placed in a thick substance like corn syrup. I hypothesize that water will make the egg hypotonic, which means that the cell is swollen due to an excess of water in its environment and corn syrup will make the egg hypertonic, which is the shriveling of a cell due to a lack of water and or salt in…

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  • Aqueous Humour Essay

    INTRODUCTION In this assignment we are going to elaborate on the role of aqueous humor and vitreous humor in maintaining the pressure of the globe, the structures related to the humor, functions of the humors, origin and also pathology related to them. PHYSIOLOGY OF THE AQUEOUS HUMOR The aqueous humour is a transparent fluid similar to plasma, but containing low protein concentrations. It is secreted from the ciliary epithelium (a structure supporting the lens). It is located in the…

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  • Tpk-Trypsin Lab Report

    Objective 1: Develop a cell line expressing the duck viperin. In order to develop an avian model that is able to express the duck viperin with an advantage of stable and homogeneous expression, duck viperin with and without the C-terminal V5 tag was previously cloned into the mammalian expression vector pcDNA3.1/Hygro+. Then, with the use of lipofectamine 2000, I stably transfected an empty vector and duck viperin tagged or untagged into DF-1 cells. In order to get a monoclonal stable cell…

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  • Span85 Unit 6 Lab Report

    can be obtained through the stability of emulsion liquid membrane for Ni(II) extraction. Span 80/Span85 as nonionic surfactants. Figure (9).The study of the efficiency of the highest extractants and reached to 98.7% after studying the surfactant concentration of span 80/span85 (3:1), the surfactant ratio an important in extraction of Ni (II) led to increasing when surfactant increased and use more than surfactants due to stability of membrane and dependent on the surfactants concentration.…

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  • Porous Ceramics Essay

    (IV) Porous Ceramics The concept behind nearly inert, micro-porous bioceramics (type2) is the ingrowths of tissue into pores on the surface or throughout the implant. The increased interfacial area between the implant and the tissues result in an increased inertial resistance to movement of the device in the tissue. The interface is established by the living tissue in the pores. This method of attachment is often termed biological fixation. It is capable of withstanding more complex stress…

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  • Organelles In Cell

    Organelles in the Cell Cells are the smallest structural unit of all organs and organ systems. They are essential to life. Both animal species and plant species need cells to maintain life. Cells have many and are made up of many organelles that have specific jobs. Animal and plants cells are different, but mainly composed of the same things. Each organelle is significant to its cell, which are the building blocks of life. At the center of almost every cell is a dense organelle called the…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between Prokaryotic And Eukaryotic Cells

    There are two main types’ of cells. These are prokaryotic (see diagram 1) and Eukaryotic. ( See diagram 2). Prokaryotic cells are the cells of microorganisms such as Bacteria and Achaea. Eukaryotic cells are basically cells that make all other living things such as humans and animals. You can identify the difference between these cells by their structure they both have a number of features in common but all so lots of differences. The eukaryotic cell has a membrane enclosed organelle called…

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  • Advantages Of Molecular Docking

    Docking: In molecular modeling field, docking is a method which assumes the desired orientation of one molecule to a second molecule when bound to each other, to form a stable complex. Knowledge of the orientations can be used to assume the strength of association or binding affinity between the two molecules. The associations between biologically relevant molecules such as proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, and lipids play a key role in signal transduction. Thus, the relative alignment of…

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  • Pectin Membrane Analysis

    flux across membranes prepared with different proportions of AC:Pectin (CP2 and CP3) and DBS concentrations. Mechanical properties are very important parameters in membranes and coatings. These properties determine the homogeneity, resistance and film forming capacity of the coating. In figure 8 we represent some of the more important mechanical parameters obtained by mean tensile test. Figure 8. Mechanical parameters of the EC:Pectin membranes obtained with CP2 and CP3. In the membranes…

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  • The Ugly Poo: A Short Story

    away tHere was a white blood cell named disgrace. Disgrace was always teased and bullied by his peers for being, well, being a disgrace . Disgraces’ mother, who was intoxicated with alcohol at the time of giving birth to him (alcohol consumption during pregnancy is rarely a good idea), had given her newly born son a surprisingly faultless name. Disgraces’ only real friend was obviously someone in the same boat , another ill-named white blood cell named, “ugly poo,” this cell never made fun of…

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