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  • Congo Red Lab Report

    were analyzed by Shimadzu FTIR spectrometer (from400 to 4000 cm-1) at room temperature. pH values measured by pH meter (HANNA). Perkin Elmer Lambda 35,UV–vis spectrophotometer was used for determining [MB] and [CR] samples employing the standard calibration curve of MB and CR at the maximum wavelengths 665 nm and 495nm,…

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  • Radiocarbon Dating

    As calculation of age requires knowing the initial ratio and since this ratio was not constant in time, detailed calibration procedures were implemented. Measurements of radiocarbon content in tree rings of known age, obtained from dendrochronological (the study of annual rings of trees to determine dates and chronological order of past events) work were used to extend the calibration back to about 12,000 years. The measured ratio was then used to calculate the uncalibrated age, an…

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  • Difference Between Fluid And Newtonian Fluid

    A fluid is a substance that deforms continuously when subjected to a shear stress. A simplified definition is that it is a substance that is able to flow smoothly and changes it’s shaped when a force is acted upon it. There are different types of fluids. Ideal Fluids and Newtonian as examples. An ideal fluid is a substance that has zero viscosity and is considered to be incompressible (density is constant). [2] In reality, there is no such thing as ideal fluids as there are always viscous…

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  • Concentration And Absorbance In Beer-Lambert Law

    Figure 1 shows the relationship between concentration and absorbance known as the Beer-Lambert law or calibration curve. The data from the made solutions in table 2 was used to create the graph. The graph has a linear trend line that predicts where a point would fall on the graph. The equation of the trend line is equation 7: y=0.9508x-0.0055 with a R2 value of 0.99943. This equation was used to find the true concentration of the made solutions as well as the unknown solution. The R2 value…

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  • Chewing Gums Lab Report

    become alkaline and it can be said from Graph 1 and 2 that as the amount of sugars in the gum decreases, the pH pf the mouth increases. The sources of errors consisted of slow reaction times, the lack of calibration in the weighing scale and the undependable pH strips. It is evident that lack of calibration was a problem in this lab because it was mentioned numerous times in the ‘Sources of Improvements.’ This lab proved to be very informative about the dangers of chewing sweet gums because of…

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  • Lab Analysis: Reverse Phase Chromatography

    HPLC column can be categorized into two types • Reverse Phase • Normal Phase Reverse Phase Chromatography Reverse Phase system has a non-polar stationary phase over which polar solvents are used as mobile phase; it is generally used for separation of polar species. Normal phase chromatography Normal Phase system has a polar stationary phase over which non-polar solvents are used as mobile phase; it is generally used for separation of non-polar species.[38]. A detection…

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  • Analysis Of Prazosin Hydrochloride

    1651.55 1651.67 C=O Stretching 2. 1416.96 1416.98 C=C Stretching 3. 1072.39 1072.37 C-O Stretching Figure 7.4: FTIR spectra of Prazosin + HPMC 7.2.2. Preparation of Calibration curve of prazosin hydrochloride Determination of λ max of prazosin hydrochloride Exhibited peak absorbance at 330nm (λ max) in methanol. Standard solution 50mg of standard drug was accurately weighed and placed in 250ml of volumetric flask…

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  • Alkalinity Lab

    Calibration of Ph. To calibrate the pH meter the mV and temperature reading of three pHs 4, 7 and 10 standard buffer solutions are recorded. This reading are obtained using pH meter .The mv reading versus pH are plotted excel to generate a calibration curve, from the equation of the curve generated, the pH for each replicated sample and the analytic solution can be determined…

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  • Role Of Creatinine And Atp

    Introduction: The roles of ATP and creatine in muscle contraction The store of ATP in muscle tissue is limited even though it is the immediate source of energy for everything we do including muscle contraction. The cellular ATP needs to be regenerated from ADP quickly in order to keep the contraction going otherwise the vertebrate muscle contraction will use up the present ATP in 1 second. Fortunately, most cell has a high rate of ATP “turnover” which means ATP can be swiftly synthesised from…

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  • Xm Newton Research Paper

    (1) Gunzip ODF/*.gz : To unzip data fies. (2) cifbuild: Calibration information from the Calibration Access Layer is necessary for many SAS tasks. Relevant accessed from the set of current Calibration File (CCF) data using a CCF Index File (CIF). CCF files are directly downloaded from the SOC website. A CIF is included in the pipeline products (*CALIND*). For the updated version…

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