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  • Difference Between Pharmacist And Pharmacy Technician

    Pharmacy technician and pharmacist are work closely together. They are deliver medication, advice and assistance to their patient. Pharmacist relies on pharmacy Technician for many things. They kind of like one bodies that need and can't missing each others. And pharmacy technician do not require for any education beyond high school. But pharmacist need to go to school to get a bachelor degree, 4 years college education, 2 years of Pre-pharmacy and one year of internship. And also they have to…

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  • System Suitability Results For Lamivudine, Zidovudine And Nevirapine

    4979.51 USP Tailing 1.38 1.32 1.18 Linearity A linear correlation coefficient factor was obtained between the concentrations of Lamivudine, Zidovudine and Nevirapine versus the peak area. The calibration curves were linear for concentrations between 15-150 µg/mL. The linearity of the calibration curves was evaluated by the values of the correlation coefficients (r2). The correlation coefficients were 0.999 for Lamivudine, 0.999 for Zidovudine and 0.999 for Nevirapine. The results of the…

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  • Higher Education Leadership Case Study

    Transformation, Stress, and Conflict in Higher Education Leadership Frequently, managers are tasked with the responsibility to improve motivation and increase productivity both departmentally and organization-wide. In the past, this was completed through transactional leadership efforts, where leaders implement a contingent rewards system comprised of positive consequences for the accomplishment of goals and negative consequences for falling short of goals or making mistakes. Recently,…

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  • Chevrolet's Police Patrol Vehicle (PPV)

    The engine is mated to a Hydra-Matic 6L80 six-speed automatic transmission with a unique police-service calibration that supports pursuit performance. Designed for law enforcement use The 2015 Tahoe PPV was developed to deliver a more controlled ride with improved steering and braking responsiveness compared to previous models. A strong, fully boxed, perimeter…

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  • Non Enzymatic Browning Research Paper

    melanoidin pigments. Sources of error  Quality of ingredients / raw materials: there maybe contamination or spoilage problem of the materials leading to an error  Equipment limitations/ calibration limitations: the pipette may not be calibrated properly or the instrument is unable to take measurement because of calibration…

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  • Pre Formulation Study Essay

    Efaverinz+Polysorbate-80 IR spectra of Efaverinz+PEG-400 IR spectra of Efaverinz+MCC+AEROSIL Fig no: 10 IR spectra of the Optimized Formulation Table 10: STANDARD CALIBRATION CURVE FOR EFAVERINZ IN 6.8 PHOSPHATE BUFFER of 2% SLS: CONCENTRATION (µg/ml) ABSORBANCE (nm) 0 0 2 0.077 4 0.138 6 0.211 8 0.281 10 0.352 Figure 11:Standard calibration curve for…

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  • Breathalysers: A Case Study

    Introduction and Social Relevance 2015 was a tragic year for South Australia. 102 people died on the roads and over 750 serious injuries occurred in South Australia alone. 44 of the fatalities were young men and women who died due to driving over the allowed alcohol consumption limit of 0.05 (Responsibility, 2016). This did not however need to be the case, these fatalities would not have occurred if the drivers were tested and stopped beforehand. Over 600 000 drink driving tests occurred last…

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  • What Is Calcium Phosphate Dehydrate?

    ABSTRACT The reactivity of acid base cements forming hydroxyapatite (HA) such as, β-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) and dicalcium phosphate dehydrate (DCPD). Amorphous calcium phosphates, prepared by precipitation from supersaturated solutions, can also react to form apatitic cements since they are thermodynamic unstable with respect to HA and have a setting reaction more independent of particle size. Calcium phosphate cement containing an antibiotic can be used for filling bone defects and to…

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  • Kmno4 Lab Report

    Graph 4 demonstrates the correlation between the transmittance and concentration levels of KMnO4, in how as the levels of concentration increase, the transmittance decreases. The experiment during week 2 was very similar to week 1 except we used potassium phosphate instead of potassium permanganate. Table 3 demonstrates the effect of wavelength on T% and absorbance. The same equation used for Table 2 was used in Table 3 in order, to calculate the absorbance. The highest absorbance level was…

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  • Introduction To Feedback

    Feedback is frequently conceptualised as the teacher giving input to students, as it is expressed in the Australian Institute for Teachers and School Leadership [AITSL] standard five by being able to assess, provide feedback and report on student learning. Providing appropriate feedback in vital for educators, as it helps develop better learning outcomes for students to be able to achieve. Students withholding a significant amount information preceding assessment tasks are given a better chance…

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