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  • An Analysis Of Pin Hole Camera Model

    ${\bf n}$ calibration points we have ${\bf 2n}$ equations:\\ \begin{equation} {\bf AP=0} \end{equation} Camera calibration can be done by known patterns. Chess pattern is one of the standard pattern used for calibration. We know the number of rectangles and size of rectangles in the chess board pattern and pattern is a plane. The units that we use in calibration will be same for all other steps in SFM, using these information and $zang's$ method we can calibrate the camera. After calibration we…

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  • Estimation Of Raloxifene Hydrochloride

    standard solutions of concentrations in the range of 3-60µg/mL were obtained by further dilution of the aliquots with methanol. All the solutions were stored at -20oC and were equilibrated to room temperature prior to use. To prepare the standard calibration samples, 50µL of standard solution and 100µL of Acetonitrile were added to 100µL of blank plasma. The mixture was vortex-mixed for 10 min, followed by centrifugation at 4000 rpm for 15 min. 20µLof the supernatant was taken, then filtered…

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  • Solubility Analysis Of Ketoprofen

    was found to be 96˚C by open capillary tube using microcontroller based melting point apparatus which is within the reported range of 94˚C to 97˚C. It complies with the standards thus indicating the purity of the drug sample. CALIBRATION CURVE OF KETOPROFEN: • Calibration curve of Ketoprofen in Ethanol Table 8: Absorbance values of ketoprofen in ethanol at 256nm CONCENTRATION(µg/ml) ABSORBANCE…

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  • Biochemistry Lab Report

    DIAGNOSIS OF ANAEMIA: DETERMINATION OF HAEMOGLOBIN CONCENTRATION Introduction Red blood cells contain the protein molecule haemoglobin (Hb); it is made up of four polypeptide chains and contains iron. Its function is to carry oxygen from the lungs to the bodies tissue and to carry carbon dioxide from tissue back to the lungs. Anaemia can be caused when there is a lack of iron in the body which leads to a reduction in the number of red blood cells. Iron is used to carry oxygen in the blood so If…

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  • Importance And Methodology Of Palaeoclimatology

    (Bradley, 2015) Data collection and calibration Geological sediments Geological evidence is the most widely distributed and commonly used approach to reconstruct the past climate. One of the essential way is the isotopic test. For example, the proportion of O18 in relation to O16 is temperature…

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  • Optokinetic Research Paper

    However use of this device requires a trained operator. Calibration also needs to be done before using the device. Flexible electrogoniometers are strain-gage-based systems that consists of two light-weight end blocks fixed to the twelfth thoracic vertebrae(T12) and sacral spine(S2)spinal processes. They are separated…

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  • Internal Validity Essay

    effect causes a threat to internal validity due to changes on the measuring instruments. 4). Instrumentation error is a threat to internal validity due instability or variations in the measuring instruments. These may include such as changes in calibration of the instrument. 5). Statistical regression threat may occur when research participants selected by relying on extreme indicators and assessments exhibit unforeseen extreme outcomes. 6). Selection of subject’s threat occurs where research…

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  • Pah Lab

    Determination of Most Advantageous Sequestering Agent By: Kayla Jeeter and Ashley Driscoll Chemistry 112-508 Abstract The creation and execution of this project served to determine what material is a better sequestering agent of the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) that are found in Texas’ water. Charcoal is currently the most typical agent used to sequester PAHs. In this experiment, two different Bentonite clays (zeolites) were synthesized, one magnetized and one not, to determine if…

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  • Unit 3 Physics Lab 3

    Lab 3: Technology Name: Section: General Physic Lab 3 Date: 10/03/2017 Purpose The goal of this experiment was to learn how to apply computerized instruments in physics. In addition, this experiment aimed at enhancing practice on how to use three equipment in the lab: the rotary motion sensor, high resolution force sensor, and motion sensor. Further, this experiment sought to clarify the circumstances under which the instruments fail to comply with expectations. Results/Data Part 1: The…

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  • Research Paper Chromatography

    Introduction Chromatographic process is a separation technique which has to do with the mass transfer of test sample between a stationary and mobile phase. HPLC (High Performace Liqud Chromatography) is a vast system which involves the use of a mobile and stationary phase to separate materials. The stationary phase is usually a column packed with solids (usually silica gel) while the mobile phase is usually a solvent or a mixture of various solvents. The mobile phase usually, is the carrier of…

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