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  • Lunar New Year Speech

    It is a holiday based on the Lunar calendar, versus the Western calendar that we’re all familiar with. If you’re wondering what the difference is, the Western (Gregorian) calendar is based on the Earth’s orbit around the sun whereas the Lunar calendar is based on the moon’s orbit around the Earth. Now that we’re done with the technicalities, the Lunar New Year is a time for many important aspects…

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  • FAU Sports Calendar Case Analysis

    FAU Sports Calendar By, Mahapatro Purabi, Banner Id- @03164664 Florida Atlantic University (FAU) is one of the fastest growing major universities in the country and a multi-campus urban university. Of its nine colleges, the College of Business is the largest with 5600 students. The four marketing majors formed a partnership to start a small business with a goal to develop and market their product to gain some practical experience in business and to fund graduate school tuition of about $2,500…

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  • The Benefits Of Year-Round School Calendars

    “Most schools in the United States operate on the 10-month calendar that was established when America was still an agrarian country. But times have changed and many people propose doing away with this ‘outdated’ system and moving to ‘year-round education.’” American schools should convert their traditional calendars to a year-round school system. “In this updated system, schools would continue to operate 180 days per year, but they stretch out the 180 days over the entire year and take shorter…

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  • Constructed Response To 'The Chinese Zodiac'

    Constructed Response The Chinese zodiac “十二生肖” is lunar cycle with one of twelve animals-rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, and boar-corresponding to each year. The Chinese calendar starts on February 1st instead of January 1st. It is believed that four thousand years ago, the Chinese created the system. Another theory is that they divided a 24-hour day into twelve periods, “with the first period starting from 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.” (Chinese Link 60),…

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  • Mother-Daughter Relationships In Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club

    Mothers all over the world dream of raising daughters who know who they are and what they want. Furthermore, mothers want their daughters to feel empowered while remaining true to themselves and their values. Amy Tan’s novel The Joy Luck Club explores four mother/daughter relationships and the struggles they face. The mothers all use the memory of their tribulations while living in China, in an effort to pass on messages of empowerment to their daughters. Through their own narratives, they…

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  • Shadowing Experiences And Influences On The Field Of Medicine

    1. Please briefly share the influences on your decision to pursue the field of medicine, including shadowing experiences and other medical related activities. 2. Please describe your interests, activities, hobbies, etc., outside the area of health sciences. 3. Please describe a role you have held in a meaningful group/peer-related activity. When I was small, my family and I lived in the developed and popular city of Mashhad. My dad who is a doctor, had at the time a small clinic that was…

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  • Mark Antony Speech In Julius Caesar

    Throughout time there have been many instances where a strong orator voices their opinion with power persuasive elements and lead to a drastic change, much like the case of Mark Antony in Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare. Before Antony gives his famous eulogy of his dead friend and future leader of Rome, Julius Caesar, Marcus Brutus gives his outlook on the situation first in front of a crowd of Romans. Brutus is also a close friend of Caesar but he believes that Caesar needed to die…

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  • Gender Socialization In China Essay

    a. Gender socialization/pg. 74: learning society’s “gender map,” the paths in life set out for us because we are male or female. The path laid out for both the male and female gender in China is very obvious. Males in China are much more wanted in the country than females are. Many males in China’s culture are raised as single children and are very spoiled and get almost anything they want. The males are treated this way because they are then expected to stay with the family to take care of…

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  • Vietnamese New Year Celebration

    The celebration of Vietnamese New Year, Tết Nguyên Đán, is considered the most important festival for the Vietnamese population. Unlike the Solar calendar, when the New Year occurs in the winter, Vietnamese New Year takes place during a transition period between winter and spring, celebrating the arrival of spring. New year day is considered the first day of spring, and lasts three days; but celebrations often continue for approximately one week or more, with preparation for the new year taking…

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  • Personal Narrative: Adapting To Cultural Differences

    Stir-fried tomato and scrambled eggs is one of my favorite dishes ever since I was little. It is a common dish in China, quick and easy to prepare, and popular among students. -Adapting to cultural differences -reminds me of my childhood -recall my happy childhood memories -food preparation I grew up in a very traditional Chinese culture. Although I have been in America for ten years, it is still a challenge to adapt to cultural differences. When I was in high school, I never eat lunch…

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