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  • Joy Luck Club Standards

    Standards in Their New Lives In the novel The Joy Luck Club written by Amy Tan, four families of Chinese immigrants gather around a mahjong table. Jing-Mei Woo is to replace her mother’s seat at the table. After Jing-Mei’s mother passes away, it is her responsibility to take over the seat. Jealousy fills the group when comparing their daughter's abilities. Beauty is important to all of the daughters and their mothers. Superstition factors into their everyday lives controlling their…

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  • The Mid-Autumn Festival In My Family

    The Mid-autumn Festival is an important holiday for Chinese people and I would like to discuss the meal on the Mid-autumn Festival in my family. The festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese lunar calendar. Traditionally, the meal is used to celebrate harvest because many crops, such as corn, sweet potatoes, rice, beans, and peanut, are harvested in autumn. Today, more and more people do not plant crops and the meal is gradually becoming a get-together meal for…

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  • Summary Of Mrs. Spring Fragrance

    In many instances throughout the short story “Wisdom of the New” readers could imagine Mrs. Spring Fragrance getting involved in the development of the story. For instance, Mrs. Spring Fragrance could be added to the story shortly after Pau Lin and Yen arrive in America. Pau Lin is frightened of her family’s future in this new country and is unsure how to act and respond to situations. If Mrs. Spring Fragrance were to talk to Pau Lin during this time, she would try to make her feel less…

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  • Useless Film Analysis

    The film Useless by Jia Zhang-ke is a film like nothing I have ever seen before. The film is one in which Zhang-ke explores the many realities of Chinese culture; the culture that the Chinese receive from elsewhere, the culture that has been created by the exploitation of the working class, and Chinese culture from the perspective of the outsider (the viewer). By exploring three features of the clothing industry in China, Jia delicately explores the monetary and imaginative options of not just…

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  • Julius Caesar: The Importance Of Books In Modern Times

    Insert title later Many books that are considered societally great all share the same virtue of relevancy and usefulness across generations. Although in today’s era of increasingly advanced technology almost all books will be preserved for future generations, that was not the case up until very recently. Books that are considered classics by today’s standards are ones that were passed down by generations, for hundreds or even thousands of years. Books from the Greek and Roman era, and even from…

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  • Analysis Of Balzac And The Little Chinese Seamstress

    About the film Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress (Balzac Et La Petite Tailleuse Chinoise) is a story on two teenagers, Luo and Ma, who are sent to be re-educated during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. They are sent to a mountain because their doctor parents have been declared enemies of the state by the Communist state. While forced to work in coalmines and with rice crops, they fall in love with the daughter of the local tailor, the Little Seamstress. Originally written in French, the…

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  • The Effective Chinese Culture

    Have you ever wondered how festive Chinese culture truly is? China’s culture has always been very festive, and a place where tradition is valued greatly. China celebrates many festivals as the year passes; festivals such as: Spring Festival, Winter Solstice Festival, Lantern Festival, and many more. These festivals are celebrations for things such as the seasons changing or other events. These celebrations call to wear traditional clothing most of the time, and are usually full of color, music,…

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  • Difficulties In Mother-Daughter Relationships In Two Kinds By Amy Tan

    ‘Two Kinds’ is portrayal of difficulties in mother-daughter relationships in San Francisco’s China-town. The focus of the story is the often troublesome but unavoidable “interval between mothers who were born in China before the communist revolution and thus have been cut off from their native culture for decades, and their American-born daughters who must find a way to work through the twin burdens of their Chinese ancestry and American expectations for success”. While the protagonist and…

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  • Catfish In The Bathtub Analysis

    Outline: Introduction Body: 1. Wong and Kingston wrote about two different situations in their past reflecting their own cultural background a- In “The struggle to be an all American girl”, Wong shows her disdain of being obliged to attend the Chinese school, and her desire to be an all American girl. b- In “Catfish in the bathtub”, Kingston is only interested in the traditional food of the Chinese culture. 2. The mentality of the author’s mothers are relatively the same a- Both mothers obliged…

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  • Business Negotiation In China Essay

    Ensuring Business Negotiation In China As technology advances so does the efficiency in transportation. With fast reliable transportation business people in America want to expand their businesses out of the country. Since China is one of the world largest growing economy, Americans are lure into wanting to make business with them. When Americans go to China, they are not only expose to a new territory but culture as well. By knowing the compare and contrast culture of China, Americans would…

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