Year Round Calendar Advantages

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School in summer? Isn’t summer for taking a break from school and hanging out with friends? With the year-round calendar, there still is a summer break so you can hang out but it isn’t as long. Anyways, don’t you get bored at the end of summer break? The year-round calendar has more benefits than the traditional calendar and should be used in many more schools because of these three reasons. First, students don’t have the “summer slide” where they forget some of what they learned the year before. The second benefit is that studies have shown that the year-round calendar have gotten equal or better test scores and grades. Lastly, there is more of a break in the other seasons. The first benefit from year-round schooling is that students don’t have the “summer slide.” One study, focussing on math, has shown that “students lose, on average, one month of grade-level equivalence”(Dr. Matthew Lynch). That means that, with the year-round calendar then teachers would be able to move on to new topics earlier and learn more. The summer slide is even worse for disadvantaged students. Another study from the article, Year-Round Schooling: How It Affects Students By Dr. Matthew Lynch, showed that disadvantaged students lose about 27% more in their learning …show more content…
In only California, test scores from schools with the year-round calendar got better by a stunning 29%(Pros & Cons of Year-Round School). A boost of 29% on a test would bring you from a C- to an A+. Some other evidence from the Ohio State University found the two calendars had no differences but teachers with the year-round calendar didn’t have to spend even close to as much time reteaching as the other teachers using the traditional calendar(The Argument for Year-Round School). This also gave them more time to move on to learning new things and working on new content. After all, year-round schooling proves to give students better

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