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  • Lunar New Year Culture

    Lunar New Year is a grand festival for Chinese people as family members from all around the world will head home for a reunion. It would be the only season in a year when all family members get to meet each other in person and have a perfect big warm Lunar New Year’s Eve meal together. However, in recent years, the younger generations are changing the traditional ways of celebrating Lunar New Year. They are less inclined to follow the customs or might have disconnected from their own cultures.…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Year Around School Calendar

    the traditional school calendar to the year around school calendar. Should America change to the year around school calendars? What is the year around school education? What are the Pros and Cons of year around education? How does a year around school education affect students? These are the questions that will be discussed throughout this paper. The Traditional school calendar consists of being in school for a total of nine months whereas the year around school calendar is twelve months with…

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  • A Pair Of Tickets By Amy Tan Essay

    The Chinese Struggle: Through Amy Tan’s Stories Amy Tan was born in Oakland, California after her parents migrated from China in the 1940’s (Beaty, Jerome, and Paul Hunter 10). Her parents wanted her to have an American lifestyle and a Chinese character. As a child, Amy Tan struggled with accepting her Asian appearance and heritage. She remembers trying to belong and ashamed of being different. After winning an essay contest at the age of 8, she continued to follow her dream of becoming a…

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  • Media Industry In China Case Study

    1. INTRODUCTION China 's media industry has a great opportunity for development. According to the data released by SARFT (The State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television), the population coverage rate of Chinese television programmes is about 98.42%. China has more than 1900 television channels overall and the audience ratings suggest that users watch television for more than three hours per day. Therefore, China 's television industry and Chinese audiences are closely interrelated.…

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  • Walt Disneyland Case Study

    Disney endured major difficulties in Paris and received a huge backlash in its practices from the French claiming American cultural imperialism. They faced backlash when it came to the dress code standards which were deemed unacceptable and against France’s labour laws. It is alleged some training was perceived as invasive and totalitarian which was the opposite in Asia and were easily implemented with the view of Disney’s core values as the “happiest place on earth” (thejhannanarepublic, 2015).…

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  • Cultural Gender Roles In Occupational Therapy

    Occupational therapists are challenged with understanding and adapting their practices to meet the needs of clients who are accustomed to different cultures. Chinese families are heavily rooted in their traditional rituals and cultural origins, which have a dramatic influence on the daily routines. The disparities between cultures can pose a significant barrier if occupational therapists discredit the importance of a client’s lifestyle. In order to promote maximum occupational performance, it is…

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  • Chinese Culture Vs American Culture Essay

    Culture is where we come from, who we are now, and where we are going. Culture is what makes us unique as people. Is the binding forces between family, friends, and nations. The culture I chose to talk about is Chinese it is where I came from. Chinese is the oldest and has the largest number of people who live in China. The Chinese material and non material culture can be different from United States but they also have something in common. The food, clothes, transportation, and sports are very…

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  • Analysis Of No Name Woman By Maxine Hong Kingston

    For this paper, I will analyze the essay ‘No Name Woman’ written by Maxine Hong Kingston. This was a roller-coaster of a story with high emotions and dark secrets reveled throughout the essay. Kingston’s culture is known as family oriented and strict, through her essay she shares her family story and how this culture affected her family personally. Being Chinese decent, she was raised in a very strict, superstitious, tradition holding household. She goes on to explain to us, how her mother…

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  • Values Of Vietnamese Culture

    As a first generation American born in a Vietnamese family, my values are heavily influenced by both cultures. Inevitably, as an inhabitant of the United States, I am much more exposed to American culture than to Vietnamese culture. I have learned and assimilated many American values throughout my years in the public school system. Meanwhile, at home, my parents immersed and raised me in their culture. Vietnamese culture is very different from American culture, but not at all far-removed from…

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  • Panda Express Synthesis Essay

    Some might agree that Panda Express does not represent an authentic Chinese culture and cuisine. Yet some who are not very familiar with the authentic Chinese culture and cuisine, and like Panda Express, might want to know more about Chinese culture. With the upcoming Chinese New Year, Panda Express posted an infomercial video that are intended to children who are not familiar with Chinese culture in America. It explains the legend of Chinese New Year with the use of colorful cartoon, a girl as…

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