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  • Live And Corn Louis Menand Analysis

    Higher Education Promotes Intelligence. Does going to college make you an intelligent person? If you were to look up the definition of intelligence it states; that you have a good understanding of things, quick witted, sound thought and good judgement. When students experience secondary education, they have the opportunity to read books and listen to the lectures of top experts in their fields. This encourages students to think, ask questions, and explore new ideas, which allows for additional…

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  • Cognitive, Personality And Prior Knowledge Differences During Adult Learning

    Malcolm Knowles is credited with being the father of andragogy and outlined six assumptions associated with adult learning. These assumptions are 1) Learners need to know 2) Self-directed learning 3) Prior experience of the learner 4) Readiness to learn 5) Orientation to learning and 6) Motivation to learn. My personal experiences with each of these assumptions, while working with adults through professional learning experiences, have provided me with a certain degree of insight to help confirm…

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  • Third Force Training Case Study

    Ideally Casey’s parents and the support worker should go through the training so that they not only understand what PECS is and the benefits, but how it should be correctly implemented. However the parents have indicated a lack of time so this probably isn’t possible. (please see 2c above) In this situation since the enhanced worker is spending most of the day with Casey, then she would be the ideal choice to take the training and then teach Casey. As well since other workers are present at the…

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  • Definition Essay: My Level Of Self-Esteem

    What is self-discovery? According to the dictionary, self-discovery is the process of learning more about yourself and knowing what type of person you really are. Self-discovery plays an important role in our life. If you yourself don’t know who yourself are, how can you expect other people to know. In this world, the only person who will know you best is not your parents who brought you to earth neither is your friend that you hang along with but is you yourself who should know yourself the…

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  • Cognitive Development

    Cognitive Development in Educational Psychology Individuals have the ability to think and consider their own reasoning and in this way it is the concentration of psychological improvement. (Flavell, Miller & Miller, 1993, p.3) Moreover, it researches on how individuals can get information and how this is impacted by the way of life they live in and the way of learning gained. (Jordan, E. & Porath, M., 2006) On the other hand, according to Piaget, intellectual improvement depends to some level of…

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  • Essay On Typology Test

    Being able to know thyself in a way of understanding what makes you uniquely your own person has many benefits. I would not be surprised if most individuals have fathomed about how they are different or similar to others. Through these comparisons and distinctions, there are sixteen known personality types according to the Jung Typology Test. The personality types are based on Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers’ personality type theory. Further, the questionnaire-based test is said to discover…

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  • Montessori Learning Style

    Early History To start with, in 1904, Alfred Binet, a French clinician, looked into and concentrated on the connection amongst memory and oral or visual strategies and built up the primary insight test that delivered enthusiasm for singular contrasts. The investigation of learning styles in 1907 was the following stage when Dr. Maria Montessori imagined the Montessori technique for training that utilizations materials to upgrade the learning styles of her understudies. It is on the grounds that…

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  • Visual Learner Analysis

    As a learner, I know that I'm visual. Why I know that Is One, I took Learner Quizzes that told me and also the definition of visual learn and it fits me. A visual learner is when somebody says Table, you see a picture of a table therefore a visual learner they would see the letters spelling table. I think the reason why i'm a visual learner is because I'm not good at spelling and If I can't spell it how can I see it? for me It helps me with knowing what i'm thinking of. Also, it helps me by…

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  • Personal Experience: What I Learned About Myself

    Over the eight week course period we were able to learn a lot about ourselves. The assigned tasks given were eye opening and revealing. I have discovered various different characteristics about myself that I was unaware I developed over the years. Therefore, I was able to learn a lot about myself. I learned what type of learner I was, who had the most influence on me, and what events has lead me to being the young lady I am today. One of the very first assignment we were assigned was to…

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  • The Importance Of VARK Learning Assessment

    Not many people know there are multiple ways one can learn new information. Not everyone can receive the information the same way and retain it for future use. Some people are visual learners, aural learners, kinesthetic learners, or learn best by reading and writing the information. The VARK Learning assessment was an interesting tool that informed me of the exact type of learner I am. This assessment placed me into the kinesthetic learner group. This explains many issues I had in the past with…

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