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  • Summer Science Institute Reflection

    Summer Science Institute Reflection Paper Introduction Collaboration is a vital part of any educator 's success. Anytime teacher are able to get together to discuss curriculum or other parts of the learning process improvements can happen. During the two days of the Summer Science Institute I was able to work with not only members of my own department but also teachers across the district. Working on the standards we will be using is extremely important to me. I value the direction and…

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  • Digital Technology Research Paper

    It’s undeniable that new technology has brought some wonderful innovations to our lives. Whether it be bringing the joys of life back to disabled people such as Stephen Hawking, or allowing us to order pizzas with the click of a mouse. It has also completely revolutionized the way we learn. We no longer write a paper. We type a paper. What was once the job of a plethora of books is now the job of one search engine. With this new technology, the world is at our fingertips. But, is this change…

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  • Independent Learning

    Learning happens through reading, writing, listening, communicating and by observing the surroundings. “Independent learning is a process, a method and a philos ophy of education whereby a learner acquires knowledge by his or her own efforts and develops the ability for enquiry and critical evaluation” (Candy, 1991). Independent learning can be known as self-directed learning. Students prefer tutor to provide them learning materials, however independent learning is beneficial as it helps them…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Future Learning Experiences

    procedures, but also relishes the opportunities available for invention. Becoming an adaptive expert is a big next step for me to take to be able to develop a growth mindset. A growth mindset is believing there is always room for growth, and that your intelligence is similar to just a hand you’re dealt; meaning it can improve. Sometimes even now I display the fixed mindset through my grades. I am trying to get out of the habit of always having to prove myself through these. Also, when I don’t do…

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  • Family Involvement In Education

    right. Education is so important for students because it sets the groundwork for future successes. Not every child learns the same way, so with practice, teachers can evaluate their students and put them into similar groups based on multiple intelligences. Education allows…

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  • Adult Learning Andragogy Essay

    Andragogy, or the practices of teaching adult learners, incorporates many perspectives and ideas from research. Among these are six andragogical principles related to motivation of adult learning. When reflecting upon learning experiences, adults should also consider cognitive, personality, and prior knowledge differences that may exist in each scenario. The following personal learning experiences serve as illustrations of these six principles. The Learner’s Need to Know I am guilty of…

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  • Reber's Theory Of Implicit Learning

    Implicit learning is defined as abstract, automatic, unintentional, effortless, and unconscious learning. However, how do we know that someone has learned implicitly? Using what method, can we figure out the learning phrase of implicit learning? Many studies have been done on implicit learning starting from 1898. In 1967, Reber released a paper who aimed to investigate the process by which participants responds to the statistical nature of the stimulus arrayed. Through this study, Reber was able…

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  • Nt1310 Unit 1 Exercise 2

    Exercise 2.1 If I add my tuition, cost of books, supplies, gas to get to and from class, and my MacBook for one semester it totals to about $5,050. If I divide that total by the total number of hours I will be in class, which is 92, I get $55. It will cost me $55 per class day to attend college next semester. $55 may not seem like a lot of money here and there, but everyday for 16 weeks it begins to add up. A total of $5,050, is a lot of money and I make sure to get use out of every penny. I…

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  • EDU 5101: Learning Theories

    “a set of skills allowing individuals to find and resolve genuine problems they face.” (Miller, 2010) In a typical classroom, teachers tend to focus on verbal-linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligences. Personally, even though I teach PE, in my health classroom I focus on those two intelligences. To make changes and add more personal choices into my classroom I have begun to create choice boards for each unit I teach. We are currently finishing our drug unit and for the concluding…

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  • Essay On Philosophy Of Preschool Education

    preschool care which are the emersion of multiple intelligences in preschool, exploration of their world through play, and social transitions when playing with others. The emersion of multiple intelligences during the preschool years is a very important influence when looking at quality preschool care. Everyone has a certain level of each of the 6 intelligences, just some are more dominant. These intelligences are not learning styles, though. The intelligences consist of linguistic, logical,…

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