Vygotsky's Theory: Mosence To Work With Children

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1. I chose Vygotsky’s theory because this theory is very important for as an ECE to work with children.
From attached artifact, I learned that the children’s cognitive development is fostered by interaction with people who are more capable or advanced in their thinking. I saw an important role for educator as well as parents for caring and nurturing to the children to make independently capable. Children also learn most from the cultures and also when they interact with others.
This standard explains caring and nurturing relationship that support learning attached artifact also related to how children learn. ELECT Principles also mention that supporting children and self-regulation is a central focus of early development. Therefore, they
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For example, in my field placement, I followed the Vygotsky theory by creating a homelike environment .I also used zone of proximal and scaffolding to support the children. For example, for kindergarten age children, I made the outer part of the puzzle and rest of the part was finished by children.
2. I chose this picture because this activity helped Children to make GAK and understand the recipe. I showed my professional and caring relationship with children while I was working in the placements. I used my experiences by engaging and working with with children. When children made the GAK and talk about the recipe, I listened to them. I encouraged touching the GAK while some children are afraid of touching things. In the attached picture, I found I was engaging with children in this picture and providing nurturing learning environment. My artifact shows how we should care and nurture relationship of the child. CECS standard also mentions caring and nurturing relationship that supports the children. ELECT documentation also explains that children develop knowledge, social interactions with others and their own active thinking through physical activities. Therefore, this artifact clearly relates with CECE standards of practice and ELECTS
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I brought the seeds for children and tell them to sow in the vase. They looked every day and knew that how the seeds grow in the soil. It was very interesting for them to experiment and explore the natural environments. There, I found, I recognized children’s unique characteristics, and their individual development and interest as all children were much interest in the activities for seven days. This was performed in individual, small groups and large groups level to make them familiar with seeds growth. Therefore, I concluded that I provided the resources and materials according to their interests.
My artifact shows that developmentally age appropriate activity write up for older preschoolers and it helps children to increase their all domain and CECE standards of practice and ELECTS Principles also explain and maintain the children’s developmental level. Therefore, this artifacts clearly relates with CECE standards of practice and ELECTS Principles
2. I chose webbing assignment for my artifacts because it has many area of children’s

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