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  • Amy Chua's Outliers: The Story Of Success

    Story of Success, suggests that there are other factors affects a person 's identity. Gladwell rejects Chua 's idea of strict parenting and forced practice, and he proposes that there are other factors such as life circumstances and practicing intelligence which are necessary for individual success. Gladwell discusses that a person should practice what he loves not what he is forced to do while Amy Chua claims that practice must be forced and parents should be strict and in full control.…

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  • Comparison Of Hidden Intellectualism And Blue Collar Brilliance

    Well in the articles, “Hidden Intellectualism” by Gerald Graff and “Blue Collar Brilliance” by Mike Rose both illustrates the term being intellectual is beyond the norm of school textbook knowledge. They believes that there are many forms of intelligence in which it can be capitalize and utilize as a life learned tool if its nurture properly. Our society is conditioned to rely solely on board-approved standard of education while suppressing those unique individuals who may be illiterate or not…

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  • Gifted Person Psychology

    several criteria that one needs to take into consideration. For identification purposes, educators and other professionals no longer solely look at one’s fixed intelligence but other aspects that when stimulated and nurtured can grow a person’s talents whether cognitive, intuitive/creative, or motor/sensory expressions. “Growth of intelligence depends on the interaction between our biological inheritance and our environmental opportunities to use that inheritance” (Clark, 1997, p. 26).…

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  • Mindset Analysis

    mindset dictates success in business, social circles, personal life, sport, and in academic pursuits. A mindset evolves around beliefs, which sets the foundations in adolescence. Parents have a great influence in the formation of their children’s ' mindset, with parental nurture proving to be the first determining factor. This developed mindset then sets the tone for school achievements, and views on their own intelligence emerges. Youth who believe their intelligence is innate tend to fail, as…

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  • Personal Narrative Style Analysis

    Emotional intelligence is the ability to be manage your emotions as well as other 's emotions. Emotional intelligence requires certain skills such as having the ability to identify your emotions and other 's emotions, utilizing emotions to use it for problem solving and to be able to adjust emotions. In the textbook Manning,Ahearne & Reece (2011) explains that people who possess a high level of emotional intelligence have many qualities needed in sales such as being optimistic, having empathy,…

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  • Blue Collar Brilliance By Mike Rose Analysis

    author Mike Rose argues that most people seem to belief that work requiring less schooling requires less intelligence. I concur with the author and belief that this notion is wrong and that work requiring less schooling doesn 't necessarily means that requires less intelligence. There are plenty of jobs, the blue-collar type, that required a level of memorization, reasoning, and intelligence like any other job that may seem of higher standard. Like Mike Rose did in his article “ Blue collar…

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  • History From Pierre Menard: Truth, Whose Mother Is History

    discovered it yet, you got to think or “imagine” of all the possibilities by allowing yourself it get outside of the box of “2+2”, which will allow discover the answer. Before we can do this, we must acknowledge our weakness lagging us of accomplishing intelligence through the three actions as stated by Meanrd. We must then fix the weakness because we can’t accomplish the three actions to its fullest or at all if we got weakness other than the three actions holding us down. For example, if we…

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  • Religion In Lawrence And Lee's Inherit The Wind

    and lack of knowledge is in this town. Psychologists Miron Zuckerman and Jordan Silberman from the University of Rochester and Judith Hall from Northeastern University created a study to see if religion had any effect on intelligence levels. They found that religion and intelligence did not go hand in hand, in 53 out of 63 studies. Zukerman, Silberman, and Hall said, “Intelligent people are less likely to conform and, thus, are more likely to resist religious dogma. Second, intelligent people…

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  • SLA Research: Second Language Acquisition

    SLA Research As far as the research of major issues Second Language Acquisition (SLA) is concerned, a set of widely attested empirical, findings has been achieved in the past 50 years. Interest areas and priority areas have included age effects; effects of individual differences in language aptitudes and other affect and cognitive variables; the role of the broader social context and linguistic environment as sources of negative and positive evidence and of opportunities for input, output, and…

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  • The Difference Between The Old Brain Theory, And New Learning Skills

    seeing the difference between the old and new brain theory, as well as some new learning skills, students will be able to see that intelligence can always be changed and improved. A student who is willing to put hard work as well as discipline into their schooling can get whatever grades or diploma they want; despite what they may think or be told about their intelligence levels. An IQ is just a label that can always be changed, this can be done by having a positive attitude, by working…

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