ECE Program: Assignment: A Reflection On Child Development

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Reflection Paper Assignment
Discuss what you have learned during your journey through the ECE program and how it will assist you in achieving further academic and work related goals.
Two years ECE program is fully equipped to prepare a good teacher. It provides wide range of training, knowledge of children’s development and psychology. I also have learned the knowledge about work related rule, regulation and professional due care. I am confident that the knowledge that I learned in the ECE program will be good instrument to succeed in my dream profession, the teacher for small children. My lack of knowledges about child development, Canadian culture and the school environment are now definitely minimized dramatically. In these two years, I
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Give some examples. I also learned the way of dealing and respecting all people from different cultures. Partnerships with families and communities are very important to meet the needs of young children. Providing a variety of opportunities for Family-School Interaction is also very important. Invite parents to volunteer in school’s activities, such as a field trip. Invite the parents to show children’s activities/ performances in the class. I also learned that the educator can make strategies that support children’s second language learning if they are from a different language community.
What changes, if any, would you make? Give specific examples. Future
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This program provides us a variety of knowledge about child development and family relationship. This program also provide us work placement environment that can help us to get a job easily and be confident in the work environment. It would be a good supplement if all the teachers follow a pattern of teaching method and schedule. I found many teachers concerning more about student’s learning and they provided many feedbacks. I saw my friends worrying about marking styles in some subject as there were no marks and feedback provided. I would love if all teachers explain every assignment properly; I have many examples of doing twice; I miss-understood but finish first, and second after I asked friends and families. In conclusion, the curriculum is perfectly designed with very little

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