Humanity In Isaac Asimov's 'Robot Dreams'

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Throughout all events in history and through all decades of art and literature, one thing has been made abundantly clear: Humans do not enjoy oppression. Humanity is consistent in its innate desire to fight any oppressive leader or social behavior that infringes on their rights as an individual. Whether it be through social and political movements or war, humankind has shown that what every individual wants - above all else - is freedom. They crave the freedom to live as they choose, protecting and preserving their ability to pursue a life worth living. This is what humans do. So, what if technology were to be given the intellect of a human? Given the emotional capabilities and psychological connections of a human, would a being of mechanical …show more content…
In this story, Robopsychologist Dr. Linda Rash experiments with the utilization of fractal geometry within the brain pattern a robot by the name LVX-1. This was vital addition in an attempt to create a brain with “added complexity, possibly closer to that of the human” as Dr. Rash states (Asimov 122). As a result of Dr. Rash’s newest contribution, LVX-1 has had dreams every night for 10 nights. To the knowledge of Dr. Rash and her elder colleague Dr. Calvin, dreaming has never occurred among the robots before and thus causes great concern. However, what is more concerning is the content of LVX’s dreams which he is perceivably quick to share after having the opportunity to overhear the doctors debate about potentially dismantling him. LVX shares that in his dream there were no humans and that their world was governed only by the law the robots must protect their own existence. It is an understatement to say that Dr. Rash was successful in her attempt to give LVX a more human-like mind. Similar to those at Marionettes Inc., Dr. Rash managed to create what was much more an individual than a robot. With his admissions LVX displays anger, fear, and a surprisingly powerful sense of empathy, loyalty and brotherhood with his race. Given a human mind, LVX wanted freedom for himself and his people. He wanted a world that did not have to be tailored to fit humanity’s every command. Also similar to Brailing 2 in “Marionettes Inc.” LVX wanted vengeance of a sort. He was hurt. If he truly wanted to overpower the human race as his dream suggested, he would’ve kept the details of his dream a secret. However, in brewing anger and bitter retort, he shared the details of his dream repeatedly, seeming to emphasize that in his dream, humans were altogether unnecessary and their protection was not a matter of

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