Piaget Stages Of Cognitive Development Essay

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All human intelligence is developed through stages of a person 's life. According the Piaget 's theory of cognitive development, ones childhood has an important role in a person 's development. A three year old compared to a nine year old will have different responses to the environment. Children of a variety of ages form mental concepts that help explain new scenarios. Ideas can either be assimilated into our mental concepts or accommodated into existing ones, but it is always expanding in adolescence. Piaget has four stages which include; sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete and formal concentrations. These four stages develop from birth to adulthood and have a direct impact in ones cognitive development. A three year old would be in …show more content…
The nine year old will learn the concept of conservation and reversible thinking. The child will learn that objects can have all different features. They start to question ideas such as Santa Claus and realize that these fiction characters are not real. They begin to become more rational in this stage, but still struggle with concrete concepts. Children at this age need to be able to see, touch or have a mental image in their mind to understand a concept. A concept such as freedom, love, hatred are difficult to explain in this stage for children. The last stage is known as formal operations and ranges all the way up til adulthood. People in this stage are able to ponder on more complex ideas. According to Piaget, not many people reach this stage in adulthood. This stage is important for people who need critical thinking, problem solving and abstract thinking. This final stage allows people to see that a solution can involve several ideas rather than one alone. In conclusion, these four stages allow for children to develop mental concepts. It is vital for children to experience every stage to help them understand there environment. Children are able to not only experience their senses, but be able to find meaning in them. A child that is three years old compared to a nine year old will soon develop ideas and vital

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