The Importance Of College English

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“I have always been regretting that I was not as wise as the day I was born” (Thoreau 9). Some future college students are born with a natural talent in the subject English. Which includes critical thinking, writing, and reading. While for others, possibly being mathematicians, English is and probably will never be their keen subject in life. Students find more passions in sciences, arts, and medical teachings which is not something to look down upon although many students forget that English is still a huge part of all these subjects. Wherever these students go they will find the necessity to read something or to write something. That’s where college English comes in handy. College English prepares students for academic writing at a university …show more content…
At the end of the day, having a positive and mature attitude really helps the student achieve any goal they have when it comes to anything. It makes the students life easier by having a positive mindset on anything, because it guides them to look for the good in anything. Even if that means failing any class that you might take. Having a mature attitude the students become more patient in their classes and allows them to not gain fear for several challenges. One way to use this attitude to succeed in college English, is to not be afraid of failing. Not fearing failing makes failing not as scary, and can help the students grow from their failure instead of putting themselves down for their failure. William Zinsser explains in his article, “The Right to Fail”, that it should be okay for anyone to fail in life. Zinsser talks about many scenarios on how society views failure as a terrible thing, ways to not fear failure, and what good failure can bring to students. “Success can be dangerous— you feel you know it all. I’ve learned a great deal from my failures”(Zimmerman 1), Zimmerman expresses in Zinsser’s article. If only society viewed failure like the way Zimmerman views it. Students would not fear failure as much if they did not grow up in a society where they are told. “Happiness goes to the man who has the sweet smell of achievement”(Zinsser 1), Zinsser says in his article. Understanding that it is okay to fail and to grow from your failures really shows a positive and mature attitude in wanting to succeed in college English. If the student has a mature and positive attitude toward college English, the student could look forward to go to class when they need to, not be afraid to talk with their professor to succeed, or even start study groups with other peers to succeed in college English. An

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