Charlie Gordon Character Analysis

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Charlie Gordon grows as a person after the operation by seeing how his increased intelligence affects his life, making more complex relationships, how keyes life influence the story.

Charlie Gordon is a mentally disabled man who has always wanted to be a genius, Charlie teacher, Alice Kinnian present him with the opportunity to become a genius by undergoing an operation that would increase his intelligence.Charlie worked at Donner’s Bakery as a janitor due to his disability, his uncle organized the job for him. Charlie works with others who he thinks are his friends but really they 're making fun of him this changes after the operation he receives a promotion and becomes conscious of how he’s treated. In Progress report 9 Joe Carp and Frank
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I picked myself up and joe pushed me down again...I never knew before that joe and Frank and the others liked to have me around just to make fun of me”. Everyone in the shop seems to be scared or upset around because they don 't understand how he became intelligent they feel inferior. Gimpy treated charlie similarly to the way Frank and Riley did but Charlie and Gimpy 's relationship are different because he tries to defend Charlie after Frank trips him up he even tries to teach him how to make rolls Charlie finds out Gimpy is stealing he’s faced with a difficult decision ignore it or tell Mr.Donner. Charlie is bedeviled trying to decide what to do since Mr. Donner has kept him as an employee for all this time, Gimpy because he 's been nice to Charlie been nice to him, in the end Charlie confronts him and gives him a second chance, in the end Gimpy gets everyone together to get Charlie fired. Frank and Gimpy seem to accept Charlie sometimes when Charlie 's retarded they may make fun of him a lot, they nevertheless are kind to him and accept him once. Intelligent Charlie changes everything …show more content…
In the beginng of the novel were introduced to Miss Kinnian also know as Alice is the women who introduce Charlie to Dr.Nemur and Dr.Strauss and helps him get the surgery. In the book we see that Charlie looks up to her wanting to be smart just like her, Alice tutored Charlie many times too, back when he was taking the literacy class for the mentally disabled, Alice liked Charlie 's desire to learn. Alice obviously cares a lot about people Charlie included since she gets him the operation hoping it helps him greatly and achieve his dream, going out of her way to teach a literacy class furthermore she’s the reason Charlie got a chance to become intelligent, she recommend him for the operation. After Charlie 's operation Alice keeps supporting him on learning more and helping him take advantage of opportunities. We see Alice and Charlie relation become more complex after the surgery,in progress report 11 we see Charlie take Alice out on a date to the movies. Alice and Charlie go see two movies during these movie readers see Charlie notice Alice and talk about her feature like her eyes, hair and lips “Why haven 't i ever noticed how beautiful Alice Kinnian is? She has pigeon-soft brown eyes and feathery brown hair down to the hollow of her neck. WHen she smiles, her full lips look as if she’s pouting...twice her bare arm touched mine on the armrest, and both

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