Flowers For Algernon Argumentative Essay

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Flowers for Algernon Argumentative Essay

Being smart is not always a good thing. You might be happier being dumb rather than being smart. In the story “Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes, a man named Charlie Gordon undergoes surgery to become smart. The surgery was a success and is tripled Charlie’s IQ of 68. As Charlie progressed, he learned that who he thought were his friends were always making fun of him. He also found the love of his life, Ms.Kinnian and his best friend, Algernon. Algernon is a mouse that had the same surgery as Charlie. Algernon died because brain fissures smoothened out. Charlie was heartbroken. Charlie started staying in bed all day, having suicidal thoughts because he was sad that he was regressing. He couldn’t even read what he wrote two weeks ago! Charlie left his town to get away from everybody feeling sad for him. Charlie Gordon was better off without the surgery because he had friends, he wouldn’t of left the town he knew and loved, and he wouldn’t of had suicidal thoughts.

Charlie Gordon was better off without the surgery because he had friends. Joe Carp and Frank Reilly were his friends and they had good fun together. Joe and Frank always invited Charlie to parties. Charlie really liked them until he got smart and realized that they always made fun of him. After that, Charlie was sad and did not want to go to
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Kinnian, or his best friend, Algernon, but Charlie left town, leaving Ms. Kinnian behind. Also, Algernon died and Charlie was heartbroken. He wouldn’t of cared if Algernon died if he didn’t have the surgery. The reason Charlie liked Algernon was because Algernon had the same surgery as him and he liked doing races with Algernon. Charlie disliked Algernon before the surgery because he always beat Charlie in races. Also, the reason they met in the first place was so scientists could see progression in Charlie pre and post

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