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  • Jorge Luis Borges 'An Analysis Of ' Blindness'

    my reader's and writer’s sight.” Losing his reader and writer’s sight, he has lost his ability to look at literature the way he used to. He no longer could easily look at texts and analyze them rather now this would be much more difficult using braille as an alternative. All in all Borges’ identifies and explains that even though he is proud of his blindness it has cut him off from the world he use to…

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  • Low Blindness Assessment

    Low vision is an uncorrectable loss of vision that interferes with daily activities. The World Health Organization 's (WHO 2010) criteria for low vision: Low vision is a best-corrected visual acuity lower than 0.5 logMAR (Snellen 6/18) but equal to or more than 1.3 logMAR (3/60) in the better eye, or visual field corresponding to less than 20 degrees in the better eye. Blindness is defined as a best-corrected visual acuity lower than 1.3 logMAR or a visual field no more than10 degrees in the…

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  • Beatrix Potter Research Paper

    records, this was the source of the The Tale of Peter Rabbit which was published through the Tales series in 1902. A total of 23 books authored by Miss Potter was published through this series. In 1921, The Tale of Peter Rabbit was published in Braille at her request. Beatriz dreamed of owning her own business in addition to being an author. She was very intuitive and she instinctively knew people would buy things if those items were associated with the stories she was writing. She…

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  • Shopping Center Assessment Paper

    would most likely be needed to hold one set of doors open for the client to be able to enter the building. This assistance could pose a safety risk if the client were trying to exit in a hurry. Signage: I didn’t recognize or notice any signs with braille on them. This would be a disadvantage if the client were blind. It would not be important for a client in a wheelchair. Steps, stairs, and elevators: The building is all one level and didn’t include any steps, stairs, or an elevator.…

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  • Valley Metro Case Study

    I took a slightly different approach and decided to evaluate Valley Metro’s bus system. I choose the public transportation because I use it on a regular basis and have become very familiar with the way operate and I had easy access to it. Every since the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Federal Rehabilitation Act passed in 1973 Valley Metro has been dedicated to provide a transportation service that is contented and suitable for everyone. Valley Metro buses comply with the ADA…

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  • New York Public Library Mission Statement Analysis

    The mission statement demonstrates the true mission of a nonprofit organization. That said, it (the mission statement) explains the reason a nonprofit organization exists. It also serves a type of guide for the decision-making process, responsibilities, and actions. With this concept in mind, one may agree that the mission statement is an important step in unfolding the nonprofit organizations’ plans or strategies of action (Hopkins, 2013). This is to say, the mission statement is a factor that…

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  • Usher Syndrome Research Paper

    Usher Syndrome is a most common condition that affects both hearing and vision. A Syndrome is a disease or disorder that has more than one feature of symptom. The major symptom of Usher Syndrome is hearing lose an eye disorder called retinitis pigmentosa, or RP. RP causes night blindness and a loss of peripheral vision through the progressive degeneration of the retina. The retina is a light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye and is crucial for vision. As RP progresses, the field of vision…

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  • I See The Crowd Roar Analysis

    of Deaf baseball players like William Hoy, is very inspiring. After thinking about it, it makes me wonder how else the Deaf community has changed the hearing world in ways that to us go by unnoticed. You see other cultures like signs in Spanish or Braille on the bathroom doors but it seems like the influences from the Deaf culture is extremely subtle. I would like to find out how the Deaf community influences the hearing…

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  • Digital Skills: Component Of Citizenship And Social Justice

    Digital Skills not only Prepare Better Workers but are also a Component of Citizenship and Social Justice. Digital skills is ideas, knowledges, and managements used in operating digital devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs. Furthermore, it is classified in two ways: (i) technical skills that includes digital systems and tools, software applications, and system security; and (ii) information processing likes: information related to needs, access, integrate, apply,…

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  • The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

    The Americans with Disabilities Act is a civil rights law created for individuals with disabilities. It came about from the disability rights movement where thousands of people began fighting against the segregation that people with disabilities were facing. They voiced that these individuals should be treated equally and get the same opportunities as everyone else and fought to make this happen. The ADA “prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all areas of public life…

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